What Kind of Vacationer are You?

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No two vacationers are the same: some might want adrenaline rushes, some might want endless serenity. Some might want to share a piña colada and a sunset with their partner, some might want to rock out in a cannonball contest against their kids. We all travel for different reasons. Luckily, there’s a world of choices out there.

Luckier still, there’s a consolidation of choices to be found on Mexico’s shores as well as the Caribbean’s clear waters. Essentially the breadbasket of vacations, few places on Earth can match the cornucopia of choices provided by these islands and coastlines. When it comes time for your getaway, an important question to ask yourself is: what kind of vacationer are you? If the answer doesn’t present itself immediately, fear not: read on to get an idea what you might want from a vacation, as well as where in paradise you might want to call home away from home.

kind of vacationer

The Explorer

The Explorer is the traveler filled to the brim with wanderlust. The world is a playground and professor, providing both revelation and joy—and the Explorer aims to experience as much as possible. Scenic coastlines, historic sites, the occasional high-octane thrill, some soothing spa treatments, authentic local culture and cuisine are all on the menu for an Explorer’s vacation.

For the Explorer looking to venture into enchanted waters, consider making your base camp one of the Reflect Resorts & Spas. With locations in Cancun, Nuevo Vallarta and Los Cabos, the possibilities (and discoveries!) are endless. Whether it’s finding Mayan Ruins in the dense jungle, the rush of spotting whales in azure waters or just stretching out on a patch of beach to soak up sun and margaritas, Reflect Resorts & Spas are primely positioned to allow you wander to your heart’s content.

kind of vacationer

The Romantic

The Romantic kind of vacationer is far more than the Pepé Le Pew caricature prevalent in popular culture. Thoughtfulness gives way to meticulousness, caring leads to refined tastes and love makes for a powerful driver: when it comes to treating your significant other, the sky is the limit. Whether it’s your honeymoon or just honeymoon-esque, the purpose of the Romantic’s vacation is to share magical moments that you’ll treasure together.

For these reasons, the resort amenities for your romantic getaway matter substantially. Sure, you could venture out and find a worthwhile spa and candlelit dinners outside of your resort, but the key to romance is location, location, location. Long walks on the beach are infinitely more romantic when they’re immediately preceded by a candle-lit dinner instead of a taxi ride. Also, for your consideration: watching the sunset is better from your balcony than a noisy public beach. And spa treatments? Spas should be just one ingredient in the perfect day, not the excursion that eats up all your time commuting.

For beachside resorts with amenities that can make your heart flutter, you’re awash with options. Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts offer multiple boutique haven locations within the Gulf of Mexico. Breathless Resorts & Spas have established a reputation of chic ambiance and show-stopping gourmet cuisine spanning from the tip of Cabo San Lucas to the far side of the Dominican Republic. If you’re looking for opulence centered around sensuality, Secrets Resorts & Spas have become synonymous with Unlimited Luxury®, partly due to their 15 luxury resorts split between Mexico’s Pacific shores and the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean. Whichever you decide on, it’s the perfect setting for treasured time together.

kind of vacationer

The Cool Parent

The Cool Parent is all about the memories—specifically, your kids’ memories. You’re looking for the sweet spot between maximum fun for all ages and broadening horizons for young minds. Maybe you’ve even brought the grandparents along on the trip for a full family endeavor. Whatever the case, this is the trip your kids are going to use as a blueprint when they’re planning their own vacations one day. Iguana spotting. Sand castle competitions. Cannonballs and boogie-boarding all day and movie marathons under pillow forts all night—bedtime be darned. You’re not saying yes to jet-ski rentals, but you’re not saying no either. Ask again after Dad’s had one more mojito, sweetie.

As the Cool Parent, the vacation’s success is directly correlated to the resort’s possibilities. You need a palace equipped for all manner of adventure and activities, without an atmosphere that frowns at young ones—nothing feels worse than dealing with a toddler temper-tantrum with the glares of the chic adult-only pool. When it comes time to pick a family-friendly resort, there are as many options as there are palm trees on the beach. Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts (located on the sunny shores of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic) and Azul Beach Resorts (five locations in Cancún and the Caribbean) both offer tropical getaways tailored for families. Now Resorts & Spas has developed the multi-generational modern fun in tandem with refuges of peace and quiet across its six choice locations ranging from Puerto Vallarta to Punta Cana—just in case you, The Cool Parent, might need some “me-time.”

Still having trouble deciding what kind of vacationer you are? Could see yourself checking multiple boxes? That’s the beauty with the breadbasket of vacations: there’s something for everyone. No need to spend days researching which all-inclusive resort might be best for you—just give one of our travel agents a call. Their encyclopedia-knowledge of tropical resorts coupled with excellent relationships with all the aforementioned (and dozens more that weren’t mentioned) means you’re only a phone call away from the vacation you need.