Waves & Rails — A Pre-Tour Cruise Offers the Best of Both Worlds

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles isn’t just a popular 80s movie starring Steve Martin and John Candy, it’s also what many people think about as they’re choosing a method of transportation for their next vacation. The only mode missing from that classic movie is one of the best ways to explore the vastness of the world today – by cruise ship!

While gaining in popularity every year, 66% of Americans have yet to experience the joy of cruising. Here are some benefits and tips on how to combine a cruise with a land tour for the ultimate vacation.

Leave It to the Pros

Cruises offer the refreshing perk of scheduling your day for you if you want or leaving your schedule as wide open as you want! When you’re out on the open water, there are no chores to do, planes to catch and no need to yell at your kids for not going to the bathroom when you stop for gas—as anyone who has taken their children on a road trip can attest.

The same can be said for train travel. Take pleasure in the steady pace of the engine and its cars without needing to fret over a missed turn or pore over confusing directions. Leave it to the locomotive engineers to do the navigation. After all, you’re on vacation to live in the moment, rather than focus on the little details.

pre-tour cruise

Perks of Luxury

Today’s cruise ships provide plenty of engaging activities to keep guests happy.  Cruise voyages are an ideal place to just kick back with a book or to admire the beautiful views. Even better, the onboard spa offers plenty of services to help you relax to the max. Rather liven things up? Luxury cruises offer a variety of ways for guests to let loose, including live band blues clubs, Broadway-inspired performances and bustling casino quarters. Your next voyage is whatever you make it.

Modern, luxury train providers offer exquisite, gourmet food service and outdoor viewing platforms so you can experience total immersion of your senses throughout the ride. Plus, attentive and impeccable service from onboard Hosts makes the scenery come to life with entertaining stories throughout your rail journey. Along with utterly comfortable seating and specialty, complimentary adult beverages, you’ll be in vacation mode in no time.

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No Constraints on the Open Water

Unlike land transportation, a cruise isn’t hindered by traffic jams or by closed roads. Excursions that would take weeks to reach happen in mere days. Borders are left behind when you take to the sea. You can coast with ease up Alaska’s majestic Inside Passage, where glaciers and robust opportunities to encounter the Last Frontier’s wildlife are all around. Take a helicopter to the top of an icy mountaintop or set out on a tour to see bears, eagles and more. Go where cars can’t with your next pre-tour cruise vacation.

It’s All in the Approach

Imagine approaching the spectacular Canadian coastline after a long voyage at sea. You stand on the deck, with the wind in your face as the smell of the ocean’s salt water begins to merge with wafts of pine from the shore. Laid out before you is the expanse of British Columbia, with the rustle of its trees welcoming you to its shore.

pre-tour cruise

There’s nothing like the anticipation of landfall after an absolutely revitalizing experience on the ocean. Choosing to combine your water and land travels gives you plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of serene days at sea. Speak to one of our travel experts about pre-tour cruises and post-tour cruises available from Rocky Mountaineer, the premier choice of railway in the Canadian Rockies. With their custom, glass-domed train design, you can see the beauty of the Rocky Mountains without leaving the comfort of your seat.