Water Park Adventures

5 Rides to Thrill Everyone

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Ready to feel like a Walt Disney World® pro? Find out what long time and plan ahead visitors know to make the most of a day splashing alongside the kids that’s fun for all ages.

Savvy visitors purchase park hopper tickets with water park options. That way they can take their children to a theme park early in the morning, and then switch over to either Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park or to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park during the heat of the day.

Once the temperatures begin to cool down, these Walt Disney World® pros head back to a theme park for a last hurrah before bed. They understand that the best way to handle Florida’s heat and humidity is by taking advantage of these all age water parks.

Something else these Walt Disney World® experts understand? Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park offer attractions that are perfect for family bonding. Through laughter, thrills and chills, these watery attractions will ensure this is a vacation for everyone to love.

Lazy Rivers – Cross Country Creek and Castaway Creek

Each of Walt Disney World®’s two water parks has its own lazy river. At Blizzard Beach, you can go for a lovely float down the 3,000-foot-long Cross Country Creek. This ride will take you through polar caves and past Ice Gator’s house where you just might end up showered by his sneezes.

Typhoon Lagoon’s lazy river is called Castaway Creek®, and it’s 2,000 feet long. Along the route, you’ll pass through waterfalls and short caves. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to ride the entire Castaway Creek river, but there’s no need to exit after one round when you can laze about for hours.

Both of these rides are perfect for relaxing with family members of all ages. Hold hands to keep everyone together or just float alongside one another catching up and sharing stories. These two lazy rivers can also be used for transportation to different areas in the parks, since they both have various entry and exit points along their routes.

Miss Adventure Falls

Multi-passenger raft rides are a fun way to promote family togetherness.

And the latest such ride can be found in Typhoon Lagoon. Called Miss Adventure Falls, this fast waterslide ride, which opened in March 2017, passes through a few dark tunnels and waterfalls. But it isn’t a particularly frightening ride as evidenced by the fact that it’s open to riders of any height and all ages.

To keep the wee ones interested, Miss Adventure Falls also has a cute theme. It follows the tale of Captain Mary Oceaneer, a treasure hunter, and her pet parrot. As guests speed through this water ride, they pass by many of the treasures that Captain Oceaneer has collected from around the world.  Taking two minutes to complete, Miss Adventure Falls is actually the longest ride (other than the lazy river) in Typhoon Lagoon.

In addition, Miss Oceaneer’s talking parrot is the first audio-animatronic to be featured in a Walt Disney World® water park attraction. You can find Miss Adventure Falls® behind the pineapple fields of the next fun family attraction.

Crush ‘n’ Gusher

The rafts for this fruit-themed water ride can hold up to three people. So if you have four or more members in your family, you may have to get creative when figuring out who will be riding together on Crush ‘n’ Gusher.

Located in Blizzard Beach, this attraction consists of three different slides that feature several darkened tunnels and uphill climbs. It’s a relatively fast ride, so riders must be at least 48 inches tall to challenge the Crush ‘n’ Gusher.

Teamboat Springs

The raft for Teamboat Springs fits between four to six guests, making it perfect for larger families who would like to enjoy a ride together. And what a ride!

Teamboat Springs is a white water adventure that will have you and your fellow riders speeding and spinning in different directions through drops and around curves. And at 1,200 feet long, Teamboat Springs, is one of the longest family raft rides in the world.

This exhilarating, action-packed attraction — which is located in Typhoon Lagoon — is sure to have your entire family laughing and screaming in anticipation of your next drop or unexpected spray of water in the face.