Vancouver Food for Thought

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Canada’s premiere city situated on the West Coast, Vancouver boasts much of the same appeal of the neighboring metropolis directly south of the border, Seattle. Only a proverbial stone’s-throw from dense wilderness, the port-city provides its own abundance of art, culture, commerce and best of all—delicious cuisine. Whether or not Vancouver’s food scene is more vibrant than Seattle’s is not a designation we can make at this point in time—but the argument could certainly be made. Sample a selection of Vancouver’s delectable offerings below to see for yourself.

Richmond Night Market

If your visit to Vancouver coincides with the summer months, then plan one evening to pay a visit to the Richmond Night Market. The city’s Asian flavor is on full display, with over 100 food stalls and 200 retail vendors showcasing a bevy of authentic and innovative East-Asian dishes: grilled squid, tornado potatoes, bubble waffles, dragon’s beard candy and fresh mango desserts are just a sample of what’s possible to savor here. Throw in the array of entertainment stationed amongst the stalls (live music and carnival games, for example) and a lively evening is all but guaranteed.

Mr. Bannock

It doesn’t take a prominent food writer to tell you that food trucks are having a moment in the culinary world: chances are you’ve already enjoyed delectable street food from one yourself. But, nowhere else other than Vancouver can hope to sample Vancouver’s indigenous cuisine, street-foodified. Mr. Bannock is Vancouver’s first Indigenous food truck, utilizing traditional ingredients from the Squamish Nation in the dishes—think mouthwatering honey waffle bannock with a juniper berry dry rub, elk sliders and barbeque salmon. Tracking down this uniquely delicious eatery is as simple as searching it with Vancouver’s street food app.


For those looking for one proper sit-down meal while in town, whether it’s a nice dinner or lunchbreak from sightseeing, Chambar is a hot-spot for all the right reasons. A fine-dining venue without the formality, fresh seasonal produce is locally sourced and composed into a scintillating menu—one that is noticeably centered in Belgian cuisine, with firework-bursts of North-African flavors. You’ll be surprised to find there’s (almost) no limit to what a Belgian beer can pair with.

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