Vacationing With Grandma and Nephew?

How All-Inclusives Work for Every Age

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Planning a vacation to please grandparents, toddlers and child-free twenty-somethings might sound like an impossible challenge. How can you possibly entertain everyone? What about all the different food allergies? Granddad hasn’t eaten in a child-friendly restaurant in years and has no intention of starting now.

For many families, the key to a successful multigenerational vacation lies in all-inclusive resorts. These amenity-laden resorts, like Barceló Resorts on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, offer something for everyone.

Here’s why the young, old, chill and adrenaline seekers will enjoy a multigenerational vacation at a Mexican resort.

Dine at Leisure on Any Cuisine

At an all-inclusive resort, all your food, snacks and beverages (including alcohol!) are included. At Barceló Resorts, the all-inclusive program makes food available 24 hours a day. That way, grandpa can enjoy his early bird dinner, and mom can have her coffee with three sugars when the little one invariably gets up with the sun.

There’s plenty of variety to please everyone, too. Kid-friendly fare is served alongside gourmet dishes designed for more mature palates in any of the resorts’ multiple restaurants. And since each restaurant serves a different type of cuisine, you’ll find something to tempt everyone from Italian to Brazilian to Caribbean fare.

The wide variety also makes it easy to ensure that gluten free, dairy free, vegan or ice cream for dinner lovers are all satisfied.

Front Row Access to Fun

All-inclusive resorts also provide access to some very exciting attractions. For example, the Occidental at Xcaret gives you the chance to explore 40 exhibits about Mexico’s art and culture at the Xcaret eco-archeological park.

At the Dolphinarium, dreams come true as you done wetsuits and slip in to the water alongside friends of the famed Flipper. During the day, the more nervous can observe, everyone will learn and eventually you’ll have a chance to serve as a trainer for the day.

And every resort has pools, often adult-only ones as well, watersports like kayaking, snorkeling and windsurfing. With such variety, everyone will find something exciting to do at the resort, which isn’t even to speak of all the excursions you can take outside the resort.

Youth-Oriented Programming

The kids in your party will enjoy special programs designed especially for them and rewarding you with time to finish that book you started ages ago. Whether you opt to indulge in a private baby sitter for the afternoon or simply, lounge nearby as they enjoy the kids’ waterpark area there are plenty of options.

Plus, there are plenty of things for the older kids to do on their own, while still being within earshot. Mini-golf, beach volleyball, bowling alley, a spa just for kids, pool games and nightly entertainment — the younger members of your party will find plenty of activities to keep them busy and engaged during your vacation.

Together, Alone

Another fantastic feature of many all-inclusive resorts like Barceló Maya Colonial are the family style rooms. You can wake up, pad in to the family room area to step out on the balcony with grandma for the sunrise and then head back to your room set off to the side for a few more winks.

The family area allows you to stay connected, while still having your own space to collect your thoughts, sleep without hearing the all night shenanigans of the kids and limit bathroom sharing. Since everyone isn’t dashing off to different floors of a hotel, you’ll quickly regroup for outings or for dinner planning.


The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Most resorts offer onsite nightly entertainment, which is a great way to enjoy those warm tropical temps just a little bit longer. Depending upon the resort, you may find poolside singers and professional dancers, or an actual night club.

In fact, Barceló Maya Beach includes a night-club just for teens! No alcohol to worry about here, while you enjoy the next door club with international music and a freshly made Mojito.

When you’re planning a vacation for your extended family, you may find it difficult to please everyone. Fortunately, all-inclusive resorts on Mexico’s Mayan Riviera offer place where everyone can be happy.