Upgrading Your Family’s Beach Day

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A beach is a beach is a beach: sand, sun, palm trees, lolling waves and some scurrying crabs are all constant staples from one shore to the next. As soothing as this security may be for you—the vacation-planning parent—it’s also an unforeseen hazard. Think about it: a vacation’s success hinges entirely on the memories made, and thus recollected, for all the years to come. What happens when all your beach vacations blur together, the same old beach after beach after beach?

Elevate your family beach vacations, and subsequent memories of them, with a proper X factor–your resort. Resorts can come in all shapes and sizes, but finding one with activities that’ll stand out decades down the road is a certified treasure hunt. Luckily enough, the search for stand-out resort options is as simple as reading on.

family beach vacations

Panama Jack Resort – Playa del Carmen

The Riviera Maya runs the gamut of jaw-dropping possibilities: Crystal-clear blue cenotes! Bustling street markets! Ancient Mayan pyramids and ruins! There’s a world of possibilities for a family vacation as vibrant as the coral reefs right offshore—the key is finding a home base perfectly positioned amongst all of the surrounding adventures. Panama Jack Resort is the pre-eminent option for doing so. Your days can consist of pool parties, mini-golf, the flashing lights of a full-fledged arcade, all of the off-resort adventures and this isn’t even mentioning the stretch of stunning beach the resort sits on.

family beach vacations

Jewel Runaway Bay – Jamaica

The island-nation of Jamaica is a near-constant source of breezy island vibes. Venturing around, it’s easy to get caught up in gusts of carefree laughter and Caribbean fun. When you aren’t witnessing waterfalls, hiking rainforests or visiting the Bob Marley museum, you might be at your resort. For the best bet at a good time for all ages, your resort better be the Jewel Runaway Bay. Besides the waterpark and bespoke, easy-to-access scuba diving offered by the resort, the Jewel Runaway Bay also provides kid’s clubs tailored to specific age ranges—meaning that no matter your kid’s age, they’ll partake in appropriate activities with their newfound friends. All the while, you can take a break from the adventure to savor the spa or golf course; a win-win for all ages!

family beach vacations

Hyatt Ziva – Cancún

Just a pinch north of Playa del Carmen is the king of Mexican beach-getaways, Cancún. The Yucatán Peninsula’s metropolitan hub, it is the holy grail of the country’s Caribbean possibilities, especially if you stay at the Hyatt Ziva. Your day-to-day activities become flush with potential choices. Head to the Interactive Aquarium Cancún, or stay in and snorkel right off Hyatt Ziva’s very own beach? Daytrip down to the Mayan ruins of Playa del Carmen, or make a day of the Hyatt’s water volleyball court? Whichever you do pick, know that the payoff is priceless—memories that stand the test of time.

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