Upgrade Your Weekend Trip with a Caribbean Escape

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We’ve all experienced it: a hunger for adventure, a flash of wanderlust, a spontaneous decision to venture out and find the unknown. Of course, this was traditionally limited by budgets and timeframes—whatever was a quick drive or flight away, so you didn’t have to sacrifice too many vacation days and suffer through grueling travel times. But now, you can enjoy a full-fledged Caribbean escape in with nothing more than a long weekend. Thanks to three- and four-day itineraries offered by Royal Caribbean®, you can easily spend your free time soaking up sun and adventure.

Savor the Many Flavors of Caribbean Life with Island Hopping

No two islands are the exact same, meaning every stop on a cruise brings with it something new and exciting. Thankfully, Royal Caribbean offers three and four-day itineraries with multiple island stops. Whether it’s embracing the island flair in Nassau, swimming with dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island, or enjoying a seaside barbeque on CocoCay®, Royal Caribbean’s private island destination, there are plenty of incredible experiences you’ll continue to enjoy long after your visit.

caribbean escape

Life Onboard Matches the Thrills Onshore

These new, easy-breezy itineraries are aboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas® and Independence of the Seas®—adding a whole new element of excitement to your weekend getaway. Both are Royal Amplified Ships that boast modern amenities. Whether it’s laser-tag, bungee-jumping in virtual reality, high-speed waterslides, or nightlife thriving well into the morning, your time spent aboard the ship will be just as thrilling as the time spent ashore. Add in the world-class dining spanning flavors and delights for the world over, as well as live entertainment that can stand toe-to-toe with any Broadway production, and you’ll find a new appreciation for the long weekend.

caribbean escape

Looking to spice up your weekend with something more exciting than a Netflix marathon? Contact a travel specialist to get started on your weekend escape with one of Royal Caribbean’s three- or four-day itineraries.