Upgrade Your Family Vacation with Italy

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Beyond the magical canals of Venice, stunning shores of the Amalfi Coast, sprawling beauty of Tuscany and iconic sights of Rome, there are plenty of other delightful destinations well worth savoring in Italy. Luckily enough, the magic of the land shines brightly regardless of age, making it a prime destination for families of all ages. For fun and memorable moments, here are some of the places the whole family will enjoy visiting, and recalling for years to come.

Cinque Terre

While a beach vacation is a popular option for most family getaways, it’s likely not many match the offerings of Cinque Terre.  A series of fishing villages on the coast of the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre is a blooming of pastel villas from the oceanside cliffs. Amongst these villages are medieval piazzas, winding cobblestone streets and of course—beaches. If you decide to try a different beach in a different village, heading to the next one is as easy as hopping on a train or enjoying a leisurely hike.

family vacation with italy


While a picnic may be the perfect weekend getaway for a family, imagine if that spirit of breezy relaxation stretched on for miles as well as days. Consider this fantasy your first introduction to the rolling hills of Tuscany. Delectable food, savory wine, stunning scenery and quaint villages make up the entirety of a trip to Tuscany, thus making it the perfect place to lounge and relax with loved ones. Additionally, you’re only a day-trip away from experiencing the engaging towns of Florence, Siena and San Gimignano.

family vacation with italy


Perched at the tip of “the boot,” Sicily is an island unlike any other. Greek temples and theaters sit side-by-side with Baroque palazzos and Norman churches, offering a living history lesson for inquisitive minds with a simple stroll in just about any direction. But beyond the historical sites, Sicily offers an abundance of adventure. Mount Etna is covered with hiking paths and jaw-dropping scenes. Scattered across the island are adventure parks, havens for adrenaline rushes of all ages and sizes. And, if the family ever needs an escape from the heat, turn to the coast: the crisp waters of the Mediterranean are both refreshing and perfect for sailing and snorkeling.

family vacation with italy

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