Unparalleled & Enticing Alaska Outdoors

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Between the chirps of songbirds, the scent of pine, the sounds of the forest and the gentle caress of wind on your face, you might realize the great outdoors are pretty nice. It’s a fact you probably inherently know, but just forget in the everyday—after all, how often do you venture out to the edge of civilization? The place where mankind hasn’t made much of a mark in way of cityscape?

When it comes time to find a spot unblemished by skyscrapers and asphalt, you couldn’t do much better than the state of Alaska. Colloquially known as “The Last Frontier,” it’s far, far away from just about every everyday experience you might currently have. Sprawling glaciers, mountains coated in forests and snow, streams that seem to wind through the land for eternity are but just a few of the components that make up this anti-metropolis. For an introductory idea of how to spend your days, read on.

alaska outdoors

Stream Fishing

It may not always be “The Old Man and The Sea,” but there’s something uniquely timeless and romantic to the act of fishing: Just you, out there swimming amongst fresh air, trying to outsmart wily fish with not much more than a lure and some string. Of course, depending on where you charter, your gear will likely be state-of-the-art. As for where to fish, the wild streams right beyond the port town of Hoonah make for the perfect proving grounds. Depending on the time of year, you might battle wits and brawn against char, cutthroat trout, steelheads, silver salmon and pink salmon. The most prominent catch of the day? Peace of mind and picture-perfect memories.

alaska outdoors


No, you didn’t read that title wrong: Alaska’s waters are just as clear and just as lively as any you might find in the tropics. The primary difference is the temperature—but that’s no bother with a wetsuit. Snorkeling at Mountain Point off the coast of Ketchikan provides the best window into underwater worlds, as a myriad of multicolored fish, sea stars, urchins and sea cucumbers call the kelp forest home.

alaska outdoors

Zip Lining

A singular rule of thumb: where there are trees and a downward slope, there’s apt to be zip lines. The mountains of Alaska are not the exception, especially at Icy Strait Point. Here you’ll find the world’s largest zip line stretching down the mountain. After an adventurous ATV ride up, you’ll soar down over 5,000 feet of cable, 300 feet above the forest canopy, at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour. If that sounds big and fast, it’s because it is—nowhere else could you experience the dive of an eagle better than an eagle’s natural habitat.

Eager to head to Alaska and soak up some of the unparalleled great outdoors? Speak with one of our travel agents before you do. Not only can their knowledge and expertise help you narrow down what a perfect day entails, but their working relationships with the leading names in travel—such as Norwegian Cruise Line—supply you with perks and amenities you didn’t even know you were missing.