Turks & Caicos Cruise Excursion: Snorkel & Stingray

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Set off on an unforgettable reef snorkel and stingray excursion during your visit to Turks and Caicos. This is ideal for those ready to explore the pristine, Grand Turk waters and see the ocean’s natural flora and fauna. Grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, a towel and some aqua shoes to get ready for this remarkable adventure.

Coral Reef Snorkeling

After a safety briefing, set off on a snorkel boat in the clear waters of Grand Turk and begin your memorable coral reef snorkeling. The first stop on your snorkel excursion is to a beautiful, untouched coral reef. The secluded area off the coast of Grand Turk is home to bright corals, radiant fish, sponges and sea fans in this Caribbean paradise.

turks and caicos cruise

Keep an eye out for the reef’s most notable inhabitants—Harry, an inquisitive barracuda and Shaun, an easygoing nurse shark. Along with the rest of the marine life, Harry and Shaun will keep you entertained as you watch their lighthearted, underwater activities. Before you know it, it’s time for delicious refreshments. Then, head to your next stop on this Grand Turk journey of the island’s best marine highlights.

turks and caicos cruise

Stingray Playground

The following adventure on your Turks and Caicos cruise excursion is visiting the interactive stingray playground. These calm creatures will swim past you on the way to their territory. Their wings may gently brush your legs as they move through the ocean. You can gently stroke their soft topsides—or backs—during your visit. Enjoy the shallow water and the time you get to play with these Atlantic rays. Snap your final photo of this Grand Turk treasure, and then it’s time to return to your Turks and Caicos cruise. Hop on a short ferry ride to go back to the cruise center.

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