3 Tropical Favorites for Birthday Cruising

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We all love a good celebration, but there’s nothing more fun than grabbing some of your nearest and dearest to celebrate your birthday with your toes in the sand and not a worry in the world thanks to the perfect tropical cruise vacation.

Cruising allows you to celebrate with special onboard celebrations like fancy birthday dinners or poolside margaritas while listening to a great band. And of course all while spending each day cruising to one fascinating destination after another.

Here are three destinations that are favorites for big birthday celebrations.

Jamaica: Active Adventures

From celebrating your birthday among the playful dolphins on a Dolphin Encounter in Ocho Rios to scaling the fantastically stunning Dunn’s River Falls, expect a celebration like no other when you arrive in Jamaica. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to climb which the waterfalls are terraced like giant natural stairs, providing plenty of time to take in the views and the water.

Norwegian Cruise Line takes you straight into the heart of Jamaica, where as they say, “everything is irie mon.” Explore the beautiful beaches or enjoy a snorkel adventure to experience the miles and miles of coral reef and colorful marine life.

Colombia: City Explorations

Take your birthday celebration to the modern city of Cartagena. From the cobbled streets, the blooming bougainvillea seen on every balcony to the beautiful pastel-colored buildings, this picturesque retreat is the perfect place to take those birthday photos that make every friend wish they were there too.

As one of Latin America’s most photogenic cities, you’ll be able to practice your iPhone photo skills at every turn in this 16th-century walled Old Town with cobblestone stress and colorful colonial buildings. Due to the tropical climate, you’ll also enjoy exploring the Mangroves Ecological Tour where you’ll see natural hidden treasures like exotic plants and varied species of birds.

Costa Rica: Nature Immersion

During your birthday cruise, expect to see some really incredible landmarks and natural wonders in Costa Rica. One of the first places to explore is Veragua Rainforest – a fascinating “research and adventure park” that gives you a sneak peek into the region’s rich biodiversity.

The park features amazing exotic animals including sloths, monkeys, colorful rain forest birds and an entire frog habitat where you can see the often featured large red-eyed Duellmanohyla rufioculis.

Continue to quench your nature lover’s thirst with a stroll along any of the trails throughout the forest. One we can’t recommend enough is the picturesque hike which leads you to the Puma Waterfall, a 65-foot fall that cascades in to two beautiful pools. If you have a little adventure left in you, take a ride on the aerial tram or whisk through the rainforest on a zip line as your friends sing happy birthday to you on the way down.

Expect this to be the Best. Birthday. Ever!

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