group travel planning

Tried-and-True Tips on Group Travel Planning

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Whether a girlfriends getaway, a family reunion, a corporate retreat or just an epic adventure with your best friends that you’ll reminisce about for years to come, group travel is easily one of the most enjoyable adventures you could embark on. How often do you get the opportunity to enjoy some unique, far corner of the world with the people you cherish most?

As magical as group travel is, group travel planning can certainly seem daunting to the uninitiated: After all, every variable — budgets, schedules, preferences — is being multiplied by however many you have in your group. But fear not, as even if you just employ one of the following tips, you’ll find group travel planning to be nothing but smooth sailing.

group travel planning
"I know we didn't plan it, but let's stop for a fifth gelato on the way."

Follow the Leader

“Leadership” may well just be the buzzword of the century, but it’s for a good reason — things tend to go smoother when there’s some form of organization to decision-making. Of your group, identify the individual who’s most meticulous, pragmatic, thoughtful and flexible. They’re your natural-born leader. Or, if your party thinks no one person should have all that power; delegate! So long as one individual is the go-to for managing the logistics, your group travel planning has an engine.

group travel planning
Good luck getting the entire group to agree to an early morning run.

Make Sure There’s Something for Everyone

Perhaps the biggest fear of designating one person in charge of everyone’s vacation is it inadvertently becoming their vacation. And, even with a delegation, you may have seven people who want to see Big Ben and only three who would rather make the trip out to Stonehenge. The key to successful group travel is being flexible enough to make sure there’s something for everyone — in the example above (and any similar situation your group finds itself in) there’s no harm in splitting into two separate groups so that everyone makes the most of their getaway.

But, even more so, consider how tailor-made a cruise is for this predicament: The utter wealth of plush possibilities onboard makes it possible for everyone to orchestrate the day of their dreams, especially in transit between ports: Some can wake up early for a sunrise jog, while others can sleep in till noon. Some can set out to see all that is offered in the way of shopping and entertainment, while others can camp out poolside and soak up some sun. Divide and conquer!

group travel planning
Teamwork makes the dream-getaway work.

It’s Not Just Where You Go … 

… But who you go with. This tip for group travel planning has multiple meanings — while the best pairing in life might be your favorite people in your favorite places, all travel benefits exponentially from teamwork. For that reason, consider teaming up with not only one of our travel agents, but also one of the most renowned names in the travel industry: Princess Cruises.

Picture it: You and your crew, set out for a journey of exploration to Europe’s most enchanting ports of call. Between the most celebrated attractions of the Mediterranean, the fairytale castles of the British Isles and the enchanting medieval cities of Northern Europe, there’s no shortage of authentic sights, wines and wares to savor together. And, with Princess offering excursions recommended by Discovery™ and Animal Planet™, you can rest easy knowing your vacation — either at sea or on land — will be extraordinary.