Why You’ll Love a Transatlantic Cruise

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New York has nearly always been the final destination for European liners that began Transatlantic cruises in 1840. The city has seen ships bring waves of immigrants and scores of millionaires and movie stars. The Big Apple has welcomed the world’s greatest sailing ships, stately icons that symbolized a time of great glamour, elegance and tradition.

With the rise of air travel, few get to enjoy this journey any more. However, you can still find Transatlantic voyages with Crystal as they reposition throughout the seasons.

Why would you want to spend your vacation at sea?

Today, transatlantic crossings are prized for their relaxing nature and restorative opportunities, allowing guests to get in touch with themselves in a way that simply isn’t possible on many other voyages. Plus when you do a Transatlantic voyage with Crystal, you’ll still enjoy a few amazing port stops like Akureyri, Iceland or Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.

There are two distinct types of Transatlantic cruises crossings and repositioning cruises.


Is a transatlantic or repositioning cruise different than any other voyage?

Daytime dress is casual on a Transatlantic voyage. However, this isn’t a Caribbean cruise.

The weather in the north Atlantic can be stormy and chilly even during the summer months. It’s wise to pack a few sweaters and a jacket. Evening attire depends on the ship, but these voyages are often a fantastic time to enjoy a truly formal night with big band ballroom dance night.

Dining is a big event on any cruise, but it’s especially exciting on a Transatlantic cruise, since you’re on the ship all day. You’ll enjoy up to eight dining venues from European-style sidewalk cafés to Nobu Matsuhisa’s Silk Road.

Evenings are usually formal, with a jacket and tie de rigeur for men. There are also one or two formal nights, where a tuxedo for men and formal attire for women is recommended. Some of the most well-regarded chefs in the world help develop their menus. The results are delicious and make meal time something to look forward to throughout the cruise.

Dinner dress on repositioning cruises tends to be more casual, although most of these ships have one or two formal nights for fun.

You needn’t worry about getting bored on a Transatlantic cruise.

Although there aren’t any ports in the middle of the Atlantic, there are plenty of activities scheduled on all crossing and repositioning cruises. In addition to meals and sitting on deck catching up the latest novels, these sea voyages offer lectures with notable guests on board, indoor gyms and swimming pools, libraries, spas and beauty salons.

Crystal also has tons of speakers and ongoing entertainment to make every day unique, interesting and of course relaxing.

No-Jetlag Journey might be one of our favorite things about these cruises. On Transtlantic cruises, you lose an hour a night cruising eastbound from New York and gain an hour a night cruising westbound from Southampton, which makes for a smooth transition for such a long trip.

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