Tour Santorini — Gem of the Aegean Sea

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A visit to the jewel-toned archipelago of Santorini will have you ready to explore its fascinating avenues. Tour Santorini to discover endless cultural value, from iconic whitewashed buildings to the shores of its black sand beaches.

Santorini Throughout History

The Greek island has flourished since its first Neolithic inhabitants settled the region. The Bronze Age of Santorini saw many remarkable innovations, including the earliest known development of indoor plumbing thanks to a system of geothermic channels. Many architectural sites still exist today — don’t miss the opportunity to visit these landmarks as you tour Santorini.

Originally a single island, a forceful volcanic eruption in 1628 B.C. formed the Aegean Sea archipelago we know today. Santorini’s high cliffs and underwater caldera — a large volcanic crater — are the most prominent signs of the prehistoric volcanic activity. Additionally, the eruption forced up mineral-rich ash and soil from deep in the earth, which now covers the archipelago. This helps the region grow some of the most flavorful produce, evident in the complex notes of local wine. Grapes grown on the archipelago result in wine that ranks highly in international competitions, so don’t miss your chance to try some as you tour Santorini.

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Customary Cuisine

The enticing fare of the region is filled with delicious culinary treats, many of which are also found in other parts of Greece. However, Santorini’s talented chefs insist their dishes are unmatched in taste and overall satisfaction. Don’t just take their word for it — savor mouthwatering saganaki, a fried cheese layered with fresh filo pastry and honey or olive oil. Appreciate the many preparations of fava beans in side dishes, soups or pita bread dips. Ask for the chef’s recommendation for dessert to pair with a glass of wine or extra-strong Greek coffee.

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Tour Santorini Sites

See the classic blue-domed architecture decorating the hills and cliffsides as you tour Santorini. These buildings are typically made from local volcanic stone, which creates a natural insulation. The homes are then whitewashed for an abode that truly stands out among the archipelago vegetation. Take time to stop by the many houses of worship as well. The oldest churches feature beautiful frescoes and intricate architecture, revealing Santorini’s detailed past.

Don’t miss your chance to tour Santorini. Take a look at the fascinating excursions from Norwegian Cruise Line to plan your next escape to Greece.