The Joys of “Don’t-Get-Up” Service

Sponsored by Princess Cruises

Want a smoothie on your balcony? Sunscreen straight to your lounger? A burger poolside without leaving your spot for an outdoor movie screening? The apex of a relaxing vacation is unquestionably the ship’s service, but how can all-encompassing service be plausible? Do you fill the ship with more butlers than passengers? Do you have a network of drones always buzzing about everywhere on the ship?

Princess Cruises® has the answer, and it’s none of the above. The key is the OceanMedallion™, a quarter-size, wearable device that replaces your room key and credit card on board. Carry it wherever you go, and enjoy endless perks from start to finish on your cruise. For a few hypothetical scenarios where the OceanMedallion™ takes idyllic relaxation to new heights, read on.


The Classic “Keep Them Coming” Hypothetical

Picture it: you’re lounging serene poolside, soaking up the tropical sun and cool blue skies, but you’re almost done with your mojito. Now there’s a dilemma on your hands: do you sacrifice the comfort you’ve achieved in search of another? Or do you conclude your daytime treat of libations earlier than you’d like?

With OceanMedallion™, you don’t have to choose either. You can stay put, order your next drink straight from your phone with the OceanNow™ app, and then sit back and relax. Your order will be hand-delivered to you and charged to your account—allowing you to focus entirely on savoring the moment at hand.


The “Look, No Hands!” Door-Opening Hypothetical

Suppose you’ve just finished a session of retail therapy at the award-winning shops onboard your Princess cruise. You feel elated, your heart is full, but so are your hands. Approaching your stateroom, you have a conundrum: Do you attempt to precariously fish out your room key while keeping a grip on your prizes? Or do you go through the tedious process of dropping your shopping bags, unlocking and opening the door, picking up the shopping bags and walking through before dropping the shopping bags and closing the door?

With OceanMedallion™, you skip all of the above. Sensors in your door recognize your medallion approaching and automatically unlock. It’s a small, but exponentially breezy, quality of life improvement.


The “High Roller, Without the Casino” Hypothetical

The stakes, thrills and rewards of the casino are exceptionally enticing, but at the same time, sitting on your balcony and looking up at the stars is equally appealing. Which is it going to be? Take the time to get dressed and mosey over to where the action is at, or stay lounging in your own slice of paradise?

Again, thanks to the OceanMedallion™ and the Ocean Casino® app, you can do both. You can play select casino games from anywhere on the ship—including the comfort of your abode—allowing for big wins while awash in big comfort.

Were these hypotheticals the inspiration for your next great vacation? Speak with one of our travel agents. Their knowledge, expertise and close relationships with Princess Cruises allows you to enjoy hands-free ease from the moment you book your vacation.