Tahitian Shores: Perfect for Romance

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A sprinkling of landmass in the immense expanse of the South Pacific, French Polynesia—often referred to as the Islands of Tahiti—holds a treasure trove of tropical paradises. Soft-swaying palms border the fine-sand beaches of varying colors, while deeper delves into the island’s mainland find you amongst tropical forests equal parts steamy and enchanted. For these reasons and many more, Tahiti’s islands stand at the summit of romance for an unforgettable Tahiti vacation.

Whether it’s a honeymoon, vow renewal, destination wedding or a chance for some romantic wanderlust, here’s a painted picture as to why Tahiti is the top of the bucket list for places to visit with your loved one.

Tahiti vacation

Little Islands, Big Adventures

There’s more to isles’ magic than the traditional makings of a beach Tahiti vacation. For starters, the beaches—though sporting stunning sands in hues of dreamy pink, white and black—are only the background to scintillating moments, not the allure themselves. Sailing into the sunset on a catamaran, stargazing with the waves washing up on shore and tickling your toes, feeding each other mangos and papayas in a hammock for breakfast are all far more likely to be the first thing you recollect from the trip, instead of “the beaches were very pretty.” This truth holds up with voyages inland as well: strolling hand-in-hand through municipal markets, regal botanical gardens and rainforest-coated mountains are all just scenes in your own personal romance novel. The story is entirely up to you.

Tahiti vacation

Tahiti Vacation Overwater Bungalows

It’s no stretch of the imagination to say French Polynesia has perfected the overwater bungalow, partly because they’ve had the most time to practice it. Overwater bungalows originate on Tahiti, explaining how such a departure from conventional hotels feels so right. While lodging on the island is naturally intimate—all 118 islands combined have fewer rooms than your typical Vegas hotel—your room feels like your own Eden when you’re yards offshore. Starting and finishing your days staring out at the cool blue waters from your front door can make it tempting to never leave the room—the perfect mindset for some together time on a Tahiti vacation.

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Paradise, Without the Price Tag

As serene as Tahitian isles may be, it’s not out of the ordinary to feel trepidation with regards to the price tag attached to paradise. Savoring your time away together becomes instantly sweeter with the peace of mind of smart spending, and Tahiti proves the perfect place to research ahead of time. Besides the benefit of adding to the anticipation, planning ahead pays off: visiting during offseason, booking flights well in advance, plotting out dining options and activities as well as staying on the main island all allow you to save a pretty penny with a priceless getaway.

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