Spontaneous & Romantic Caribbean Weekend Getaways

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We’ve all been there: you and your better half are fast approaching a celebration-worthy significant date (anniversary, half-anniversary, birthday, graduation, dog’s birthday, job promotion) on the calendar and simply put, another surprise dinner at the local Applebee’s will surely see to it that you’re suddenly single.

No matter the reason, there’s never been a better opportunity than this to whisk your partner off their feet with a surprise trip to an island of sunny shores and soft-swaying palms. Luckily enough, there’s an utter cornucopia of options available for Caribbean weekend getaways. For a few spontaneous date ideas to surprise your loved one with, read on.


Cancún captures the best of multiple worlds: the charm of Mexico’s unique and colorful culture, coupled with the tropical allure prevalent amongst all of the Caribbean’s waters. Depending on when you plan to visit, you have paradise (nearly) to yourself: Mayan pyramid ruins that now host congregations of iguanas, cenotes scattered amongst the jungle-like isles of azure in a sea of greenery, sugar-white sand beaches lining the entire Yucatán peninsula and nightlife that brings the spice are all components for you to savor. You and your loved one are certain to be awash in wave after wave of stunning moments and surreal experiences in this choice of Caribbean weekend getaways, an ocean of excitement for a date that surpasses all expectations.

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Few places encapsulate “island vibes” as well as Jamaica. Every square inch of the country radiates it—the rainforest-coated mountains, the crystal-blue coastlines and the sunken adventures they hide, the bars and street corners echoing with steel drums and reggae. No matter which direction you head, breezy peace is present. Dunn’s River Falls and Blue Mountain Peak are well-established favorites to frequent, but for a more personal peek at paradise (and a better opportunity to bond with your partner), try a stroll through Rocklands Bird Sanctuary. The flitting glimmers of brilliant color through the air make for a marvelous sight as is, but feeding the tropical birds out of the palm of your hand is an experience that keeps the heart aflutter for years to come.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the most perfectly suited destinations for romance in the entire world: charming strolls through the pastel-painted city of San Juan, mesmerizing hikes in El Yunque National Forest and witnessing the sea and the star-twinkling sky blur together at Bahía Bioluminiscente are all contenders for the most romantic moment of your year, let alone your trip. But truthfully, just lounging idyllic on any of the sun-blessed beaches is likely to reign supreme as your favorite activity, especially if you match the serenading of the coquí’s percussive ribbit with the clinks of your toasting mojito glasses. To love!

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