Sparking Imagination at Large in the World

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For households with young ones, family vacations are less about stress-free getaways (though that is still a very nice component) and more about igniting the entirety of your child’s imagination. Filling every second from sun up to sun down with moments straight from the pages of a storybook, finding the fairytale settings in reality and pairing them with worldly lessons of history and culture are the true primary goal. The task of vacation-planning as a parent is the task of plotting in advance the catalog of your child’s favorite childhood memories.

Fortunately, this task proves far easier when paired with a destination inherently rife with intrigue: Let the location do the heavy lifting. For family vacations best at sparking imaginations and instilling your kids with worldly culture, consider one of the destinations below.

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The Vatican

A city-state in the heart of a historical empire, the entirety of the Vatican is essentially the magic of Rome, condensed down to just over 100 acres. As the head of the Catholic Church, its priceless art is as immense as its history is deep. A tour through the Vatican Museum exposes your kids to over 4000 years of artistic masterpieces, while a visit to the Sistine Chapel sees you gazing heavenwards at Michelangelo’s fabled painted ceiling. As stunning as the sights are, it’s the jumping-off points for lessons that make a trip to the Vatican priceless—be sure to study up on the history yourself before getting there.

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New York City

As the official “City that Never Sleeps,” you’d be hard-pressed to find a place more bustling than New York City. Chances are high that your kids already have a can’t-miss list of sites to see: The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Times Square all loom larger than life in young inquisitive minds. These are obvious, timeless and as quintessential to a New York visit as a slice of pizza. As the adult in the endeavor, it’s up to you to find the lesser-known experiences—the instances of “wow” and “whoa” that can blow their mind. Between the abundance of museums, Broadway plays and televised tapings of shows, the choices to acquiring a New York State of mind on your next family vacation are bountiful.

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Costa Rica

As opposed to the previous two, just saying a country is a perfect vacation destination with kids may seem, at a glance, a little broad. But, that’s the beauty of Costa Rica—it’s an entire tropical island of family adventure. Morning hikes through tropical rainforests and over hanging bridges, soaring past sloths and monkeys on a zip line and midday soaks in thermal springs at the base of volcanoes aren’t even the half of it. However your family does decide to spend their days, topping it all off with an evening witnessing sea turtles nesting on the beach is the sort of finale to a day the kids will recollect well into adulthood.

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