Southeast Asia: A Smorgasbord of Discoveries

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Few places on Earth offer as rich, as rewarding, or as robust a selection of destinations worth discovering as Southeast Asia. Among top Asian highlights, no two towns or cities are ever the same, as each brings to the table a culture that has stemmed from millennia of tradition steeped in change, the result always in vogue no matter the century.

Consider this in tandem with the surrounding setting and scenery—landscapes that feel lifted from dreams, forests and beaches that steal breath with their beauty—and every stop of your journey unearths experiences you’ll treasure for a lifetime. For just a few brief examples of this, look no further than the ones below.

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Long stretches of meticulously-kept farmland. Forests that sprawl over the hills and highlands. Tropical jungles adorning the lowlands, and cities that thrive with a life and charm you can never seem to relish enough. Vietnam is the stuff of bucket-list destination dreams, proving to be the perfect place to savor both the single moment and the long day. Between the historic temples of Hanoi, the delectable street food of Ho Chi Minh City and all the magical moments in-between, there’s plenty to both keep you busy and leave you wishing for more time in the day.

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If you have but one Southeast Asia trip to enjoy in your lifetime, no one would argue with you for picking Thailand: The country lends itself to instances of magic, moments that feel too surreal to encapsulate with words. Strolling through bustling markets, meditating with Buddhist monks at ancient temples, making friends with majestic Asian elephants and savoring traditional Thai cuisine are all but snippets of a day in the vibrant life of this Asian highlight.

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For every time that you’ve ever pictured a stunning island paradise, tucked away from much of the outside world and full of beautiful tropical beaches, chances are you’ve actually pictured Bali. An island along the southern stretch of Indonesia, Bali is oasis manifest: small sleepy villages are the only human presence you’ll find while traversing the volcanoes, dipping in the hot springs, diving the reefs and lounging on the idyllic shores. Paradise is what you make of it, and a visit to Bali makes for a very easily-enjoyed paradise.

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