Seattle Attractions — The Best of Emerald City

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Seattle sits on a fault line of features and associations widely recognized but not always combined—at least not without a little thought on your part. Sure, you know with certainty that it’s the place with the trees and the rain, the birthplace of grunge music and flannels. And sure, you know that it’s the home-base headquarters for the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks—but most days you never really put two and two together; that that’s all the same Seattle. Seattle attractions are of the same vein. Sure, you know it has the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum and some significant sports teams—but then there’s the whole other side of the city. Strolling off the beaten path and perusing the more eclectic scenes and sounds bestows peeks at the entirety of the city’s soul. For the heart of Seattle, here are a few places to check out.

seattle attractions

Sound Garden

Whether it was your heyday or just something that popped up on the radio the other day, Soundgarden has undoubtedly been a soundtrack to some portion of your life. This Seattle grunge band is verifiable rock-n-roll royalty, up there with the likes of Pearl Jam and Nirvana—and they named themselves after Seattle’s Sound Garden. For a symphony strikingly different from “Black Hole Sun,” this art installation is a collection of pipe-like structures that translates the wind into a chorus of whistles and howls likely to mesmerize. The Sound Garden can be found on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Western Service Center campus, roughly a scenic half-mile hike from the parking lot.

seattle attractions

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

While Amazon may not let the public enjoy their employees-only rainforest and specialty-restaurants scattered throughout the city’s spaces, Starbucks is (luckily) more hospitable. Located just nine blocks from the site of the shop that started it all, the Seattle Roastery is a temple dedicated to the coffee aficionado. This specialty shop is top among Seattle attractions and speaks to the finer tastes in life, housing the likes of artisan coffeemakers, roasters, Starbucks’ most treasured beans and a mixology bar that would put most mad scientists to shame. Savoring the likes of the menu makes for an all-new indulgent way to drink your cup of joe—be it the espresso flight, the cold brew malt, the nitro draft latte or the order of chocolate pairings, your taste buds will be spoiled.

seattle attractions

Museum of Pop Culture

A passion project for Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen, this venue aims to both bolster the already-thriving local art scene and provide a place of revere for every pop-culture passion possible. Relics, art and artifacts from every corner of popular culture are housed within these halls. Depending on the current exhibits, you may witness a life-size terminator, the Wicked Witch of the West’s fabled hat, Freddy Krueger’s glove, Jimi Hendrix’s diary, an entire gallery of fabled guitars and a fashion show of regal archetypes—just to name a few highlights.

seattle attractions

Beacon Food Forest

Whether you’re looking for a pitstop snack or a proper sit-down salad, few places provide as fresh and fulfilling of a meal as a stroll through the Beacon Food Forest. A stretch of public land transformed into a certifiable Garden of Eden, every square inch has been modeled after natural forest ecosystems. The result is full-blown synergy helping sustain mutual growth—the nut grove, berry patch and herb garden all work in tandem to provide a healthy ecosystem, which in turn provides you with a farm-fresh snack. If the setting inspires you to help foster Mother Nature’s flourishing, try to coincide your foraging visit with one of their regular work parties or educational events.One final point of interest regarding the city of Seattle? It often serves as the gateway to Alaska for cruise lines. Imagine: Everything listed above is day one of your vacation, and then you’re off to The Last Frontier for the adventure of a lifetime.

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