Savor a Florence and Pisa Tour

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Live la dolce vita when you travel to charming Florence, Italy — a city brimming with activity throughout its historic streets. Home to a magnificent collection of Renaissance art and architecture, the quintessential museums of Florence beckon visitors to explore the treasures on display. The array of antiquities is what earned the Historic Centre of Florence recognition as Italy’s first World Heritage Site.

On Your Florence and Pisa Tour

Take in the sight of the Tuscany’s serene countryside as you journey to the city. Stop at the Piazza del Duomo, also known as Cathedral Square, to learn about its history and to snap a few photos of the scenic plaza. Admire Florence Cathedral, an immense Gothic structure whose exterior is designed with shining green, pink and white marble. Gaze at the dome, designed by artistic master Filippo Brunelleschi in the 15th century, completing the architectural masterpiece. Continue your Florence and Pisa tour to visit more compelling sites.

Florence and Pisa tour

Travel across the Piazza della Signoria, filled with statues preserved from centuries past on your way to the Ponte Vecchio, the first bridge built across the flowing River Arno. Savor a delectable lunch at a restaurant, the perfect way to experience Florentine cuisine and culture. Then, spend time uncovering the city’s secrets for yourself. For the perfect treat, stop to purchase and enjoy a gelato as you stroll. The well-traveled steps worn by centuries of voyagers before you will bring you to the town of Pisa.

Florence and Pisa tour

Make your way across Piazza dei Miracoli to gaze upon the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s more than 600 years old and began leaning during construction from a faulty foundation. The tower was stabilized and stands tall today. Take a few photos to remember this beautiful Florence and Pisa tour.

The best way to experience Florence, Pisa and the other treasured towns of Italy is on a Mediterranean cruise. Book your cruise vacation today to experience this beautiful country.