Satisfy Picky Eaters and Sophisticated Palates in one Vacation

Sponsored by Disney Cruise Line

Vacationing with picky eaters may not be easy, but many family vacationers find that Disney Cruise Line provides an array of culinary opportunities making the dining experience onboard surprisingly satisfying for everyone in the family.

With menu options such as gluten free, sugar free or diabetic menu selections, plus of course the “I’m only eating macaroni” phase food options, a family cruise is the perfect vacation!

If you have a fussy eater on your next cruise, keep the following suggestions in mind:

Buffets Mean Options

Picky eaters are often overjoyed at the expansive buffet, which offers a wide variety of options that allow them to pick and choose. With options ranging from traditional sandwiches, burgers, fries and pizzas to nightly themed buffets such as Mexican or Chinese there are options galore.

This gives fussy kids a greater variety of entrees and side dishes to reject, but also a fighting chance at finding their dream meals. Better yet, it’s easier to control portion sizes at buffets, leaving kids with the opportunity to place small dabs of untested foods on their plates. And if their meal selection wasn’t at their liking they can always go grab something new.

Parents might even find a few new foods to satisfy their picky eater without ever spending a moment in the kitchen!

Ask a Server

Onboard restaurant servers are surprisingly willing to accommodate picky eaters. If your child prefers chicken prepared a certain way or wants a particular type of sauce on the side, don’t hesitate to let the server know.

Have Fun

Whether you head to Royal Court Tea for a hot cup with a princess or to the Animators Palate for a special dinner show featuring Disney characters, dining takes on a whole new experience. With these complimentary options, and more, kids will most likely forget they had picky taste buds. Meanwhile, you’ll be enjoying the change of scenery.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Airplane snacks may be limited, but on a cruise, you’re allowed to pack a greater variety of tasty treats. If your child has a specific snack time requirement, it’s surprisingly easy to abide by it when you’re on a cruise from trail mix, pretzels, fruit snacks to crackers.

Choose One Meal for Just The Adults

You love your kids, but sometimes, eating with them isn’t always the most relaxing of times. A Disney Cruise Line vacation offers you an opportunity for a little adult time to enjoy a sophisticated dinner as well.

Take advantage of onboard babysitting services or one of the kids programs and plan an adults-only dinner. Make reservations at a trendy restaurant like Remy for a night of sophisticated French cuisine. After sitting back and relishing a thoroughly adult meal (and perhaps, a few alcoholic beverages), you’ll be ready to return to the usual kid-friendly fare. The best family vacations are one’s that send everyone home happy, relaxed and filled with new memories (and maybe some new foods!).

Although there is no such thing as an easy meal out with a picky eater, Disney Cruise Lines dining options sure make it easy to vacation at ease.  With a little advance planning and some help from the restaurant staff, kids and adults can enjoy peaceful and delicious cruise-based meals.

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