Sampling Europe with Short Trips

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Vacations, like all else in the hyper-bustling modern era, are changing with the times. Case in point: According to a 2018 study by the U.S. Travel Association, workers took an average of 17.2 vacation days in 2017, with only eight of those days used for travel. Furthermore, in the same study, 52 percent of Americans had unused vacation days by the end of the year. That’s a far cry from the olden days of three-week-long holidays.

Believe it or not, international getaways can fit the contemporary mold. Weekends in the Caribbean, half-week jaunts up to ski resorts and short trips to Europe are all perfectly plausible — and in the latter case, especially with the help of Avalon Waterways. For a taste of how you can sample Europe in a shorter vacation format, consider the following cruise offerings.

short trips to Europe

A Taste of the Rhine

Routed from Mainz to Amsterdam (or vice versa), this five-day river cruise sees you sailing through the castle-spotted Rhine Gorge, with dives into regional history, culture and flavors every step of the way. Find yourself serenaded by warm notes in the Siegfried Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum in Rüdesheim. Gawk at the awe-inspiring architecture of Koblenz’s palaces and fortresses. Delve into the history of Cologne’s Jewish community with a Jewish Heritage walking tour.

short trips to Europe

The Heart of Germany

Six days may seem like not enough time to experience the heart of Germany — but Avalon’s aptly named cruise itinerary accomplishes just that. With a sailing threaded between Mainz and Nuremberg, you’ll sample regional wine of the Bavarian spirit in Kitzingen, and bathe in the aesthetic splendor of the Baroque-style Bishop’s Residenz in Würzburg. Best of all? Sample the abundance of local lagers, Pilsners and radlers onboard every step of the way — no doubt you’ll return home a newly minted beer connoisseur if you weren’t already.

short trips to Europe

A Taste of the Danube

With only a mere four days to sail between Vienna and Budapest, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this cruise must be a straight shot between the two cities. The reality is far more exhilarating: Wander through Austria’s Benedictine Abbey, gaze out over the enchanting stretch of the Wachau Valley and then immerse yourself in the many tales and anecdotes of charming Bratislava — the capital of Slovakia. Take on a day or two for Vienna or Budapest or both and you’ve had a European adventure of a lifetime in less than a calendar week.

Ready to embark on any one of these exciting short trips to Europe? Give one of our agents a call. Not only can they streamline the process of getting you from point A (your house) to point B (Europe) and back, but also they can provide exclusive perks and amenities for all the moments in between. If you thought the above cruises sounded great as is, wait until you discover what we can add to the mix.