Sail through the Panama Canal

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You can sail through the Panama Canal on a wonderful cruise from Princess Cruises. There are two types of voyages available, a full or partial transit, for you to learn more about the canal’s history and see the ingenuity of the locks’ creators. Read on to find out more about the many opportunities to explore the Panama Canal before booking your cruise.

How It Works

As you sail through the Panama Canal, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by how smoothly the locks perform. This invaluable canal connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This drastically cuts the cost of fuel and work hours needed to travel and transport goods. The Pacific Ocean is elevated higher than the Atlantic Ocean. Each set of locks elevates the ships to maintain the sea level until the ships exit the other side of the canal. During a cruise, you’ll have plenty of time to marvel at the canal and sightsee along the way. There’s even an expert onboard providing live narration as you go through the locks.

sail through the panama canal

New Cocoli and Agua Clara Locks

The Cocoli Locks are a newer addition to the Panama Canal. These locks opened in the summer of 2016 and are located on the Pacific side of the waterway. They’re part of the Panama Canal Expansion Project, which widened the canal and increased its depth so larger ships could pass through, allowing more cruise passengers to see the wonders of this canal. The Agua Clara Locks are another vital component of the Panama Canal expansion project. These locks operate daily for commercial and tourist ships. Take pleasure in the chance to see Gatún Lake as well as the original Gatún Locks. Wonder at the brilliance of the locks’ technology — each day, this massive machinery works to transport thousands of people each day to their desired destination.

sail through the panama canal

Full and Partial Transit

You can voyage across the canal during a full transit, where you sail the entirety of the canal, or a partial transit, which involves stopping at a predetermined point to continue your journey by air-conditioned bus. Those who want to experience the wonder of the canal can sail through the Panama Canal on a full transit by Princess Cruises. You’ll find many photo opportunities as you sail past Gatún Lake and pristine rainforest. The Panama Canal rainforests are home to more than 500 species of bird and over 120 species of reptile — perfect for nature lovers and bird watchers.

Take a Princess excursion to Gatún Lake, where monkeys, sloths and toucans reside. Then, head to the Embera village with your group to learn about the culture of Embera Indians. Listen to beautiful music played on handmade instruments and watch an intriguing performance. Purchase souvenir handcrafts before heading to the Agua Clara Visitor Center. There, you’ll learn all about the waterway before returning to the ship to sail through the Panama Canal.