Romance at the Beach

Avoid these Common Mistakes

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Whether you’ve been dreaming of saying “I do” for the first time, a vow renewal or even  just a quiet romantic beach side dinner to pop the question with the sun setting behind you and waves lapping at your feet, it can easily go wrong if you try to handle it all alone.

With the right all-inclusive resort or destination wedding planner most of your romantic beach dreams will go perfectly. Movies have the luxury of shooting a scene repeatedly to get that perfect moment, but your vacation happens just once.

Use these tips to be prepared and plan ahead to ensure you enjoy the moment, even if there are a few bumps that make it feel more a romantic comedy.

Loud and Clear

The wind, the crashing surf, the seagulls chirping, are all part of the complete beach experience and that make it loud.

If your guests can’t hear you or you can’t hear the lovely words being whispered across the table, it can be a big problem. For ceremonies, you can get a sound system (this is especially smart if you have more than 20 guests).

And when you talk to the resort ask about their recommendations from years of experience hosting couples on the beach. After stormy weather, consider moving farther away from the surf than you originally planned, the crashing waves could drown out the sounds of your I love you’s.

Even better after your honeymoon dinner on the beach at Excellence Riviera Cancun, you’ll find a hot bath for two drawn with essential oils and rose petals. Now that’s how you savor the day with some peace and quiet.

Movies have the luxury of shooting a scene repeatedly to get that perfect moment, but your vacation happens just once.

Hot Sand and Rainy Days

One of the great things about an outdoor romantic moment (and especially a beach wedding), is the elements. Yet, Mother Nature can be fickle and doesn’t care about your timeline. The sand, we often forget until we are tiptoeing across it, can be hot in the mid and late day.

One idea to combat this is to have rugs, runners, or decorative carpets laid out on the sand. You can also provide baskets of flip-flops for guest to use as alternative footwear.

The other concern is rain, which happens almost daily for a brief period each day to keep those Caribbean islands looking lush. A backup location is always recommended to keep you on schedule. But if it’s just light or passing rain, incorporate umbrellas and you might be surprised at how much you love the pop of color in your photos.

Umbrellas can also be a great sun blocker to keep everyone cool, if you’ll be outside during peak hours. On the flip side, a great flannel blanket in the evening can make cozying up to a beach bonfire even more enjoyable.

Taking Care of Guests

Much of planning a wedding, and especially an outdoor one is taking into consideration the comfort of your guests. There might be a few people on your guest list that you want to give extra attention to, especially when at the beach.

Luckily, all-inclusive resorts like El Dorado Royale have a team on hand who know the in’s and out’s of preparing the perfect luxury beach wedding and will be on top of these things for you.

  • If there are any loved ones that have limited mobility, consider a few ideas to help them. This might simply be appointing a person (or people) who will provide support and walk a guest to their seat. Or you might rent a beach wheelchair for your loved one.
  • Allow a travel agent to handle the booking for the group, so you don’t become the go to for travel weather issues. (See the link at the bottom to find a honeymoon and destination wedding certified specialist).
  • Ensure you’ve considered taken in to account selecting the right resort, whether it’s adult only or more family friendly. Even better find one that will cater to all your friends with both a family area and special adult only villas like Riu Palace Peninsula.

There is a lot of truth to the adage that the little details won’t matter to you on the big day, you’ll simple be focused on the one you love in a beautiful location.

There is also something to be said about being prepared, and these ideas just might make your day a little bit more enjoyable and a little bit smoother in the long run.