Remarkable Snorkeling Vacations Around the World

Anyone can snorkel. Swimmers and non-swimmers alike can bob atop the water, with floatational assistance if necessary, peering down through the depths to see the ocean’s dazzling splendor on display.

For snorkeling vacations unlike any other, aim for one of these dive-worthy destinations:

Akumal, Mexico

Some sites provide the whole kit-and-caboodle of underwater attractions; others focus on mainly one thing. Akumel, south of Cancun, falls in the latter category due to its amazing abundance of turtles. You could spend the entire day snorkeling in these clear blue waters, swimming with giant sea turtles in their natural habitat.

Churchill, Manitoba

Snorkeling? In Canada? You betchya! Every June, once the ice breaks away, thousands of Hudson Bay beluga whales head to their summer home in the Churchill River. Once you’re properly suited with a wet suit and cinched booties, you can dive in to watch a pod of snow-white belugas race right beneath you, causing your heart to skip a beat.

Crystal River, Florida

Another gentle giant awaits you in the warm waters of Florida: the West Indian manatee. Swim calmly with these creatures, and they’ll stay with you for up to 15 minutes at a time. Some will allow you to touch them, but only if they initiate the contact!

Grenada, West Indies

Why walk through a museum when you can swim through one? In water as shallow as six feet deep, you’ll find a reef teeming with a 65-piece sculpture garden that was originally placed here to restore the bay’s ecosystem.

Rock Islands, Palau

For an other-worldy experience like no other, head to the South Pacific island of Eil Malk, where you can swim in a lake filled with jellyfish as far as the eyes can see. The golden and moon jellies of Jellyfish Lake have completely lost their sting over the years, giving you a chance to swim in a swarm of ethereal, underwater beauty.

The vacation should be an adventure, the planning should be easy! Find a certified travel specialist to assist in designing your adventure getaway.