Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding Perfectly

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While choosing a destination wedding is an easy enough decision, planning one can be a challenging endeavor. And while you may have a few vacations worth of experience under your belt in regards to booking a trip, a destination wedding is an entirely different ordeal. Here are five tips to help you plan your destination wedding perfectly.

1. Don’t Go It Alone

You wouldn’t go whitewater rafting for the first time without a guide; why would jumping into the waters of travel weddings be any different? Find a travel agent to guide you. They’re experienced in filtering through the resorts and finding the one perfect for your big day. And more importantly, they’re experts at the booking process. So, not only do you not have to worry about any of the bookings for your trip, but neither do your guests.

2. Reward Yourself

A key thing to keep in mind when selecting your wedding resort is the rewards program. Most wedding resorts will have a rewards program specifically designed for the happy couple: make sure to consider that when deciding where you and your guests will stay. Not only can you save money on your wedding, but also you can earn free nights at the resort, as well as other upgrades to treat yourself with.

3. Visit in Person

You should absolutely have a site visit prior to your wedding. It’s tricky enough to plan for a wedding, planning at a place you’ve never seen is a degree of difficulty you don’t need. Actually being at the resort with a wedding planner allows for you to get a feel for how the day will go and provides you the chance to discover hidden gems potentially not listed on the website.

4. One Stop Shop

The easiest part of planning a destination wedding perfectly is working with vendors—because there’s only one vendor to work with. The resort will supply an event planner to keep everything on track and organized, and just about every other facet of the wedding can be done through the resort as well. Photography, hair and makeup, flowers, food and music, you name it and it’s likely the resort can supply it.

5. Surprising Amounts of Savings

It may seem that a grand event like a destination wedding would be costly, but between resort offerings and being mindful, you can save a pretty penny. Most resorts provide wedding planners at no additional charge. Most resorts will also offer discounts for groups, so be sure to double check that your group qualifies. But, the best way to save is to get legally married before you arrive at the resort. Everywhere in the world has different legalities and time required in the country before you can formally marry—sidestep all of that by making it official before the big day. This way, you save in legal fees and transportation. Take those savings and invest in something fun, like more nights on a honeymoon in paradise.

Ready to start planning your destination wedding perfectly? So are our Travel Specialists—they’re in constant communication with the finest wedding resorts, such as The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun, and can help you guarantee your wedding day is seamless.