Never ending Summer: Phenomenal Cancun Pools

Cancun is a city of beautiful beaches, but it’s also a city of hotels with fantasy pools, which is one of the reasons it frequently tops our winter getaway lists. If there were a contest for the most spectacular setting and combination of amenities, there would be a lot of competition.

While swim-up bars and infinity edge pools are becoming more common at trendy resorts around the world, Cancun still boasts some hotel pools that will wow even the most discerning frequent travelers.

If you’re planning to jet away for an all-inclusive winter vacation to this iconic city where it’s really always summer, here’s a sampling of some of our favorite Cancun resort pools, in no particular order:

Paradisus Cancun

The only dilemma at a resort with multiple pools may be the decision about which one will become your “playground” on any particular day. At this resort, you have several choices: a swim-up palapa, a pool with a shaded portal, in-water lounges, palm trees that seem to grow right out of the water, varying shades of blue and green, shimmering underwater tile patterns, water slides, and spas with encircling lounges.

The only thing that’s certain is that you’ll be as enchanted with the pool complex as with the pyramid-shaped architecture of the five hotel buildings!

Hard Rock Cancun

The lagoon-shaped pool at this iconic resort looks as if it’s part of the sea, and that’s pretty impressive. It’s also immense, stretching seemingly forever along the hotel perimeter to form a kind of moat between the building and the beautiful sandy beach just beyond.

You’ll want to snag a lounge chair early, because you may just want to stay put the entire day; it’s that enticing!

JW Marriott Cancun Resort and Spa

Located in the heart of the hotel district and convenient to everything, there’s really little reason to leave the grounds of this fabulous resort that boasts multiple pools in its lavishly landscaped enclave. It leads directly to a white sand beach and the Caribbean just beyond.

There’s also a gorgeous indoor pool when you’ve had enough sun, but still want to enjoy a poolside libation. Or, as an alternative, you can book a poolside massage. It’s all up to you; whatever you choose, you can be as active or as sedentary as you wish, all while enjoying the luxurious ambience.

Riu Palace Peninsula

It is said that “sunbathing with a cocktail is a must” here, and it’s easy to believe that. The pool is a fantasy setting that combines palm trees, sparkling water, “acres” of deck area, and incredible views, all with the dual views of the “see-through” modern hotel in one direction and the sandy beach and lapping waves in the other. The waterscape is impressive. B

ecause the hotel is located on a spit of land, there is water no matter what direction you face; if not the Caribbean, then another pool or a pond with fountain. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are close at hand if you’re ready for a snooze in the sun. Plus, you can head to the fitness center to counteract all that lounging time, if you prefer. What’s not to love about that?

Riu Palace Las Americas

The three pools at this adults-only hotel set the bar high for beauty and luxury appeal. The central pool evokes a feeling of ancient Greece, with domed pavilions and classic statuary accenting its classic symmetry. The pool area boasts an intricately patterned deck, along with an artistic mosaic floor that makes the pool itself a work of art. Towering palms scattered across the adjacent lawn enhance the fantasy vision and reinforce the notion that this is an oasis designed for ultimate enjoyment.

You’ll no doubt want some beach time, but there’s nothing like a luxurious pool to get you feeling pampered and “pleasured” on vacation. Relaxation and good times go hand in hand, so a great pool is as much a priority as good food and drink and a comfortable bed.

Don’t get the winter blues, start planning your getaway to soak up a little sun and enjoy these great resorts.