Paradise of the Cook Islands

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Despite the rise in popularity of cruise travel, the paradise of the Cook Islands remains relatively untouched. The beautiful islands still retain much of their original splendor. Visitors thoroughly enjoy the nation’s many things to do while appreciating its serene atmosphere. Take a look at just a few of the possibilities the Cook Islands have to offer.

Snorkel at Rarotonga

Avid snorkelers love the underwater paradise of the Cook Islands. On the mountainous island of Rarotonga, you can snorkel in the coastal lagoon. Peer into the crystal-clear water to view the array of angelfish, moray eels, bluefin and more at the Tikioki Marine Reserve. Relax in the sun-warmed water as you watch sea life teeming around the coral reef. Or, venture to Aitutaki to snorkel in turquoise waters of the marine where turtles and other fish species thrive. Possibilities abound in this beautiful South Pacific nation.

Kayaks, Paddleboards & More

Do you enjoy watersports and taking time to explore new destinations at your leisure? The Cook Islands have a variety of fun ways to get around. Get a workout and see stunning views from the water on a kayak tour. Opt for a stand-up paddleboard tour to test your balance and your muscles! Take it easy with a glass-bottom boat tour to see the reefs. There’s something for everyone in the Cook Islands.

Takitumu Rainforest Hike

Get a breath of fresh air in Takitumu Rainforest. This conservation area was established to preserve precious species in this tropical rainforest, like the colorful Kakerori bird—also known as the endangered Rarotonga monarch. Try to spot this little bird as you walk through this beautiful landscape toward the mountaintop. Reach the summit and get your fill of majestic views of Rarotonga.

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