Negril: Beautiful Beaches, Natural Wonders and Parties Galore

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With thousands upon thousands of beaches scattered around the world, it’s not easy to make CNN’s list of the 100 Best Beaches. But Jamaica’s Negril Beach managed to do just that. This sensual stretch of golden sand was the only beach in Jamaica to make the list for 2017.

During the day, this beach, which is also known as Seven Mile, is the perfect place to catch some rays. But at night, Seven Mile transforms into a popular party spot.

You could, in fact, spend your entire vacation on this beach, just outside your Azul Sensatori Jamaica Resort, and be perfectly happy. But that would be a shame as Negril has more than just an award-winning beach.

It’s also home to a slew of interesting and fun attractions, including the following:

Rick’s Cafe

Coastal Living and the Travel Channel both named Rick’s Cafe as one of the best beach bars in the world.

High praise? Yes, but Rick’s Cafe, which opened in 1974, definitely deserves the recognition. This venue is situated high on a cliff overlooking the ocean and is a spectacular location for watching the sun sink slowly into the sea.

But these glorious sunsets aren’t the only reason why so many travelers flock to this bar. Cliff jumping is the other draw at Rick’s Cafe, with locals and travelers flinging themselves off of the 35-foot cliffs into the sea below. This is definitely not an activity for everyone, but if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you might find yourself joining the others queuing up for a jump.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Located in the hills overlooking Negril, the Blue Hole Mineral Spring is approximately a 30-minute drive from the resort area. It is — at least for now — a surprisingly quiet, low-key attraction.

This natural mineral water Blue Hole is approximately 35 feet deep and located 24 feet below ground. To reach it, you can either jump or take the safer route and climb down a metal ladder. The lifeguards and staff members on the property, however, have no problem making the leap and will, in fact, impress you with their spectacular acrobatic jumps into the water.

The property on which the blue hole is located also boasts a bar and a pool that contains the same mineral spring water. This Blue Hole should not be confused with the similarly named attractions in Ocho Rios, St. Ann or in Stewart Town, Trelawny.

Taste of Paradise

Are you a foodie or just someone who enjoys learning a bit about the local culture? Time to embark upon a Jamaican food tasting tour, so you can discover more about the island’s unique cuisine.

You’ll learn, for example, how that delicious jerk chicken you had for dinner was made (did you know that the preferred cooking vessel is an old oil barrel?) And you’ll also get a chance to taste fresh local fruits and vegetables.

Kool Runnings Adventure Park

It can be hard to keep kids entertained. So if your little ones are feeling bored with the sand and surf, it might be time to take them over to the Kool Runnings Adventure Park, which is the largest water park in Jamaica.

But it’s not just a water park. Kool Runnings also offers go kart rides, paintball and kayaking.

Sea Horses

Have you always wanted to ride a horse on a beach or even in the sea?

Then you’ll want to check out Reggae Horseback Riding Tours. This facility, is located approximately 15 minutes from Negril, and offers group and private tours through the mangroves and on the beaches. Free pictures are included with your rental fee.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Although you’ll often see it listed as being in Negril, Floyd’s Pelican Bar actually sits on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. It’s because of this unique location that Floyd’s has often been called the “world’s coolest bar.” In truth, it is hardly more than a hut on stilts that serves drinks.

But it’s a very popular hut with limited seating, which means that you’ll occasionally find guests standing knee-deep in the water enjoying their beverages. One of the coolest things about Floyd’s? It was the vision of a local, who wanted to create a bar where his fellow fishermen could stop on their way to and from their daily fishing trips. In other words, it’s not a faux tiki shack created by corporate suits. To get to Floyd’s Pelican Bar, you’ll need to hire a boat from one of the following places: Black River, Treasure Beach or Parottee Point.

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