Meet the Famous Mixologist Making Princess Cruises’ Top-Shelf Cocktails

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There are drinks, there are craft cocktails, and then there are masterpieces. Sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain which of the three you have in your hand—a decent margarita will hit the spot like nothing else when accompanied by a sunset, and we’ve certainly all enjoyed a glass of wine from the box. But, masterpieces—they can change your reality. When you’re sipping a certified work of art, the surrounding colors are more vibrant, laughter more electric and the moments more magical.

For this very reason, master mixologists are worth their weight in gold—few other variables can elevate a vacation quite like them. And few master mixologists have as storied a reputation as Rob Floyd. For a better understanding of why Rob’s libations are life-changing, read on to see who this liquid chef is as well as a taste of what he brings to the bar.


The Life Journey of a Cocktail Guru

Before Rob was the resident mixologist on the hit TV show Bar Rescue, founder of the fabled RX Liquid Chef and sharing his insights in global publications like Esquire and the Wall Street Journal, he had something of a winding path to the present day. Originally, he began as an acting student and waiter. Waiting would lead to bartending, which he proved to be a natural at, but bartending would ultimately take a back seat as he was fully committed to acting. All throughout the 1990s, he thrived as a thespian, garnering parts in the productions of “All My Children,” “Walker Texas Ranger,” and the lead role of the show “Sliders.” After the conclusion of his acting career, and a very brief foray into roofing, Rob landed the role of leading the bar of the famous Chateau Marmont. It’s from this point on that mixology is front and center stage—and with 25 years of constantly pushing the envelope, Rob has developed into a shining star of the industry.


The Many Ingredients to Monumental Success

There’s more to the weight behind Rob’s name than just awe-inspiring concoctions: he’s truly taken it upon himself to lead the charge in changing the industry. The aforementioned RX Liquid Chef is a globally leading cocktail think tank with a triple-pronged approach to the world’s beverages. The first prong is consulting: restaurants, bars and nightclubs the world over will always need the fine touch of an artisan, a seer’s vision in adapting macro trends of the beverage world as well as the surgical precision to implement those trends at a micro level in line with the restaurant’s soul—all of which Rob provides in tandem with training for the staff. The next prong is providing these delectable concoctions and works of art well beyond a single location: Any entity in the world is capable of securing custom-created beverages by the genius himself for any event, providing a far greater supply to the crème-de-la-crème of cocktails. The final prong seems like fate given Rob’s previous career—Cocktail Theatre. Recognizing that good spirits are just as much due to the atmosphere as the liquid itself, Rob combines his thespian experience with cocktail wisdom to provide a cocktail-centered sensory experience unlike any other.


Where in the World to Enjoy Rob Floyd’s Masterpieces

While Rob Floyd is certainly a celebrity, a masterpiece cocktail is simply a supporting character in an already excellent scene. With regards to a vacation, a liquid work of art can elevate a moment in paradise to be one of the most treasured memories of your life. So where in the world is the best place to find Rob’s creations? His partnership with Princess Cruises translates to anywhere in the world.

Onboard any Princess®, you’ll savor a handcrafted cocktail from the genius of Rob Floyd. With libations like the Italian Sunset (Aperol, Bombay Sapphire gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and Angostura bitters) and The Egyptian Zombie (Bacardi Superior rum, Gosling’s Dark rum, blackberry brandy, sweet and sour, orange juice, pineapple juice and grenadine), you can enjoy the manifestation of Rob’s knowledge, technique and flair for storytelling while sailing in bliss. These elevated drinks and moments are even easier to savor with the help of one of our travel agents. Their knowledge, expertise and close relationships with Princess Cruises allows them to specially concoct the vacation of your dreams.