Luxury Cruising: More Affordable than You Think

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Luxury cruising has evolved, and more choices are available than ever before that allow you to enjoy deluxe suites, posh lounges and still all the amenities you’d expect from a much larger ship.

From the moment you board a Crystal Cruise ship until you say farewell to the friends you met on board, the entire experience will be filled with exquisite service; opulent water-view suites with the highest quality furnishings, linens and toiletries; inventive gourmet cuisine; spas and fitness centers that offer the very latest in wellness and exercise techniques; and only the finest wines and spirits.

Taking All-Inclusive Luxury Cruising to the Next Level

If you think traditional luxury cruising is outside the limits of your budget, perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at all that’s included in a luxury fare. You may find that, when compared to all of the extras you’d be willing to pay for on a mainstream cruise line, a luxury cruise is more affordable than you think.

So, just how much is included in a luxury cruise fare? In general, luxury cruises like Crystal include:

Beverages, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. In addition to liquor and wine, this includes specialty coffees, juices, bottled water and soda. It even includes the items in the well-stocked minibar you’ll find in your stateroom. Liquor can be a big-ticket item on a cruise when it isn’t included in the fare; on a luxury cruise, you probably would only need to pay for some super-premium liquors and wines.

Specialty restaurants that rival any found on land. It’s nice to be able to treat yourself to a really special dining experience without any extra cost; and, to try as many of the specialty restaurants as you like, including Michelin-inspired farm-to-table dining.

Gratuities, which can also be a significant budget item – especially on a luxury cruise, where the staff-to-passenger ratio is higher and the service is stellar. There’s no need to even think about gratuities, though, when they are included in your fare.

Fitness and enrichment classes to keep your body and mind active. On a luxury cruise, it’s unusual to encounter a fitness class or an enrichment activity that carries an extra fee – except, perhaps, for a high-end wine tasting.

WiFi access, though the amount of complimentary daily minutes may be limited. (As it becomes more affordable for the cruise lines to purchase WiFi access, unlimited access may become a luxury line staple.)

Shore excursions are also often part of your Crystal cruise package! This is often an evening cultural event while the ship has an overnight stay in port, which gives you more time to enjoy a beautiful port of call.

Service that never stops! You’ll find 24-hour room service available, alongside a staff to guest ratio that ensures you always feel well cared for.

More Inclusive = More Relaxing

Why is so much included in a luxury cruise fare? It’s all part of creating an atmosphere of ease and relaxation. Luxury lines want their guests to come on board and simply enjoy, without having to sign for every drink or worry about the cost of WiFi access.

Of course, you’ll enjoy a luxury cruise more when it takes you somewhere you really want to go. Luxury cruises can take you around the world (literally, on a luxury world cruise); to exotic ports of call not frequented by mainstream lines; or to close-to-home destinations like Alaska and the Caribbean.

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