Life Well Lived on the Isle of Lanai

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These days, a life well lived is more often than not defined by the experiences contained within — those vibrant moments full of awe and wonder are the telltale signs of modern luxury living. There are plenty of avenues for finding these existential gems, but none are as clear-cut as travel. Setting out to the far corners of the world to unearth a new way of seeing things (or just savor a spa day in paradise) is your best bet at making the most of a brand-new day, and few locales prove as rich a source of sumptuous serenity as Lanai. The things to do on Lanai are abundant, bashfully beautiful and best experienced firsthand. For a teaser of what luxury awaits, we’ve hand-picked a few of the island’s richest experiences.

things to do on Lanai

Polihua Beach

Few things in life are as rewarding as lounging on a tropical beach, and Hawaii possesses more of them than most nations can dream of. In the isle of Lanai’s case, you have over 18 miles of secluded beach to consider. While the beaches adjacent to the resorts boast all the trappings of extravagant luxury, the finest experience is a stretch of sand that can act as your own coastline paradise — Polihua Beach. Chances are good you’ll have Polihua all to yourself; the hour-long 4-wheel-drive journey to get there helps guarantee it.

things to do on Lanai

Manele Golf Course

For a more manicured breath of Lanai’s great outdoors, Manele Golf Course is a mainstay of the opulent things to do on Lanai. Appreciators of the game will certainly find much to marvel at: This Jack Nicklaus signature course boasts holes perched atop scenic cliffs, Pacific Ocean water-hazards and tee shots spanning across gorges, ravines and lava outcroppings. With a setting so captivating, you’d be forgiven for forgetting your score.

things to do on Lanai

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

There are plenty of unique, rewarding experiences to be found on Lanai — more than we could hope to list here. The Garden of the Gods is a surreal alienesque-desert landscape. Shipwreck Beach is shore that sports a graveyard of stunningly visible grounded ships. All of the island’s surrounding water promises the possibility of glimpsing a majestic humpback whale.

But, for a unique outlier among the downright breathtaking, consider heading to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. A humble estate of 25,000 square feet, this sanctuary is home to some 500 friendly felines. Started in 2009 to rescue the island’s feral cats from being hunted, today you’ll find scores of bliss-bathed kittens eager to greet you when you arrive. A literal paradise for cat-lovers and a bastion of cute for everyone else, frolicking among this sanctuary is undoubtedly an experience you’ll treasure in hindsight for years to come — the exact sort of thing that makes your life richer.

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