Holiday Travel — The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Holiday travel has a well-carved definition in the minds of many: the plight of getting home for the holidays, with gargantuan security lines at airports, flight delays due to weather, or — Heaven forbid — cross-country road trips on tight deadlines. It may make for a great comedy starring Steve Martin, but the reality is, holiday travel does little to promote tidings of comfort and joy.

But, twist the definition on its head: What if holiday travel wasn’t the journey to the destination, but the destination itself? Say for example, you and your loved ones shared the gift of travel together with a luxe getaway to the sunny tropical shores of Cancún. Suddenly, holiday travel has a far sweeter ring to it.

For an idea of what holiday travel may look like for you, we’ve taken the liberty of composing your wish-list for a getaway to Cancún. No matter what you celebrate, chances are, it can only benefit from the following.

holiday travel

Trade in Frightful Weather for Balmy Beaches

Much has already been written on the world-class quality of Cancún’s beaches, but none of it ever succinctly framed it for holiday travel. So, picture this: You’re home for the holidays. Your partner, parents or in-laws have asked you to shovel the walkway. It’s 12 degrees Fahrenheit, the sun is nowhere to be seen, your runny nose has sprouted an icicle and you’ve barely cleared the first step. In that moment — consider how nice a drink on a beach might be.

That is the opportunity cost of passing up holiday travel to Cancún. Never mind the quality of the sugar-white soft sands, the picturesque horizon stretching out beyond the gentle lapping of waves, the rustle of palms tickled by ocean breezes whispering sweet serenity — simply forget for a moment that the beaches of Cancún are without equal. Instead, just weigh a day spent lounging at an all-inclusive resort (where the drinks are delivered to you) versus shoveling a sidewalk with icicle nose. Or scraping a sheet of ice off your windshield. Or walking the dog when the frozen rain is coming down sideways with a wind chill of Pluto. There’s more cold-weather misery than we have space to list, but suffice to say, Cancún’s shores are the perfect refuge from it all.

holiday travel

Savor a Feast — Without Doing the Dishes

Another perk of a stay at any one of Cancún’s many blissful all-inclusive resorts? The cuisine. It can be risky to open a dialogue on whether certain home cooking is better than a restaurant’s menu, even if that restaurant resides within a luxury resort. So, let us consider the other side of the cooking coin: cleanup. The difference between Christmas dinner at home, and Christmas dinner at The Grand at Moon Palace, isn’t just that no one individual needs to toil away for hours in the kitchen to cook up everyone’s favorite dishes, or that you’ve traded your kitchen table for a stunning beachside venue — it’s that after savoring endless courses at any of the many luxe restaurants, your entire family is free to enjoy paradise together, no dishwashing needed.

holiday travel

Treat the Kids to Memories (Rather Than Things)

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hype of gift-giving that comes with the holiday season and subsequently focus on the tangible: a new Barbie doll, Lego set or video game, for example. But think long-term — when your children are your age, which will they appreciate more: memories of a Lego set or memories of family fun on the foreign shores of paradise? Holiday travel isn’t just a treat for the week, it’s a gift that only grows in value with the years to come.

Convinced that Cancún is the place to be for the upcoming holidays? Give one of our travel agents a call — we can make gift-shopping even easier. Not only are our agents experts at both group travel and navigating the throes of holiday travel, but also they can provide exclusive perks and amenities through their professional connections with established industry leaders — such as Palace Resorts. Think of it as the sugar plum atop a dream getaway-come-true.