Heading for the Hills of Italy

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While thoughts of Italy might elicit images of sprawling palaces, pristine beaches, priceless paintings and chiseled marble statues, there’s other beauty and adventure to be found—especially for travelers who like to actively experience a new destination.

Rock-Climb the Famous Via Ferratas of the Alps

Originally used in World War I to transport troops through the jagged mountain sides, via ferratas today provide the best option for scaling a mountain in a semi-casual manner. You won’t need to bring very much gear, as there’s pre-set route carved into the mountainside using metal rails and rungs, but you will need to have a cool head and no fear of heights. With these, it’s also good to bring a camera—there’s plenty of chances to snap a shot of the world sprawled out below you.

hills of italy

Ski Past Limestone Monoliths in the Dolomites

Spanning 12 valleys, the Dolomites have all of your traditional ski resort fare: slopes perfect for families, for casual skiers and for daredevils and speed demons. But, nestled amongst this winter wonderland are stellar reasons you may not know about: the largest lift system in all of Europe, smaller crowds than its Swiss counterparts and a thriving culinary scene just waiting to be savored. The one thing you won’t miss is the way the sun catches the magnificent limestone monoliths that jut out of the powder and stretch to the sky—there’s no sight like it anywhere else in the Alps.

Cycle the Italian Countryside of the Apennines

Running nearly the entire length of “the boot,” the Apennines Mountains proves unparalleled in its potential to showcase the Italian countryside. While a car ride through any of the many villages, roads and towns would provide the chance to glimpse all the sights, it lacks letting you immerse yourself in the scene. Opt instead for a bicycle: it’s perfect for touring quaint mountain villages, winding roads and national parks while breathing in the fresh air. No worries about planning a route, itinerary, or finding gear; you’re awash with options in the Apennines.

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