Group Travel: The More the Merrier

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“The more the merrier” is a weathered adage that holds true in nearly every situation you could apply it to. Holidays? Plenty of spirit and cheer. Dinner parties? More lively conversations. Globetrotting? You better believe it.

Group travel can take several shapes in practice—extended family vacations, epic bachelor and bachelorette parties, adventures with your best friends you’ll treasure for years to come—but the benefits are nearly always the same. Experiences abroad become infused with new magic when shared, and the companies responsible for travel tend to favor would-be groups of world explorers, and thus the group tends to benefit from a de facto “strength in numbers” buying power. But don’t just take our word for it—consider the following examples for why group travel is a wonderful way to experience the world.

Family Bonding Far from Home

For those looking to instill wonder in their young ones, there’s little that compares to the awe-inspiring glaciers of the Alaskan wilderness. Massive slabs of ice that seem cut from a celestial icebox, the native glaciers adorning the land are but one aspect of what makes Alaska such a foreign and far-away place. Navigating to such a setting for a vacation can seem intimidating… unless the journey was elevated on par with the destination. Cruise lines cater to this, and cater even more so to the adventurous family. Your kids can delight in immersive experiences, the grandparents can delight in quality time with the family, and you can delight in exclusive perks and amenities onboard—such as additional onboard credit.

Take the Party International

Magical moments shared amongst friends not only bring a newfound gravity to instances abroad—they bring a group of friends closer together for years to come. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, a graduation party, a birthday party or a spur-of-the-moment “let’s live” group consensus, globetrotting with your closest friends is a one-way ticket to stories you’ll cherish for life. Between sharing a pizza on the streets of Naples or getting a group photo in France’s lavender fields of Marseille, the new and novel has a richer worth when valued together. If you toss in the possibilities of a cruise’s onboard gratuities being paid on your behalf, discounted rates for each individual in your group and free onboard credit for each stateroom and you’ll be pleased to find rich experiences don’t always have to come with hefty price tags.

Eager to get your group chartered towards the journey of a lifetime? Speak with one of our travel agents before you do. Not only can they handle the many moving pieces of multiple itineraries, but also they can supply you with exclusive perks and amenities on top of the already plush perks you’d experience booking as a group. Promotions with industry-leading names in cruising—like Princess Cruises—guarantee group travel that goes beyond your most lavish expectations.