Fun Things to Do in Singapore

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Singapore had itself a moment: At the end of 2018, the blockbuster romance “Crazy Rich Asians” had essentially burned the oasis-island-nation into the collective consciousness of the entire world. All any world-traveler could dream of doing was retracing the movie’s footsteps, from the uber-luxe airport to the 57th-floor infinity pool engagement party.

But, beyond the scenes of silver-screen true love is a nation chock-full of adventure and surprises. Here’s just a handful of things to do in Singapore beyond the luxe settings of “Crazy Rich Asians.”

things to do in Singapore

Farm-Fresh Experiences

No one could fault you for thinking Singapore is entirely composed of neon cityscape, modern architecture and stunning skyscrapers. But, beyond the nucleus of the city stretches vast swaths of greenery—approximately a quarter of the nation is forest. Nature-lovers and foodies alike will delight in skipping out on the city life for a day to discover the northwestern corner of Kranji. Here, farms are center stage in day-to-day living, translating to a wealth of corresponding experiences. Hay Dairies boasts the acclaim of Singapore’s only goat farm, and as such provides cuddly goat interactions and fresh goat’s milk for essentially the entire island. Jurong Frog Farm offers the opportunity to feed and handle their namesake livestock, while a visit to Bollywood Veggies hosts a variety of themed gardens to walk through, as well as savory fresh banana bread.

Stroll Live Shows

By day, Haji Lane is your everyday average narrow-strip street, sporting the usual medley of boutiques, cafes, al fresco bars and street art that you might expect. But at night, this stretch of Kampong Glam transforms in the moonlight into a winding dive bar, with every storefront supplying its own act. What was once the path of window shopping is now used for bar-hopping and enjoying various shows—a scintillating way to spend an evening in the city.

Hawker Centers

Okay, so maybe “Crazy Rich Asians” did in fact showcase the nation’s hawker centers. But the fact of the matter is you can’t visit Singapore and not savor cuisine from them at least once. Located all throughout the island, you can often tell how worthwhile a hawker center (and subsequently, a hawker stall) is based on the crowd size—but don’t let that daunt you. This food is equal parts quick and delicious: Hainanese chicken rice, chili crab and carrot cake are simultaneously street food and Michelin-star worthy dishes. Of course, if this merely whetted your appetite on Singapore’s can’t-miss street food, consider our comprehensive first-time guide to hawker centers.

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