Discover Adventure in the French Polynesia Islands

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Don’t let the swaying palm trees and beautiful waters fool you, Tahiti is a paradise rich in history, culture and beauty.

While many think of Tahiti as a single destination, there is much more to experience on a cruise through the South Pacific with Holland America Line.

In fact, Tahiti makes up just one of the French Polynesia islands, each offering a unique experience. No matter how long you have to travel in French Polynesia, there’s something on every island that will inspire the adventurer in you.

Tahiti: A Food Lover’s Paradise

Called “The Queen of the Pacific,” Tahiti has often captured the imagination of travelers around the world for its unique ecosystem, crystal clear waters, and unique culture that has remained largely unchanged. Intrepid voyagers, brave soldiers, and even Hollywood royalty have called Tahiti home at one point in time.

While many consider Tahiti the height of luxury travel, there’s so much more to experience than life over the crystal blue waters.

  • Because of the island’s stature as a key stopover, cultures have crossed and mixed over time – turning Tahiti into a food lover’s dream.
  • Restaurants like Le Coco’s offer pristine ocean views and a menu inspired by Polynesian, French, and Asian influences.
  • Ask any local about the best restaurant, they’ll recommend the La Plage de Maui. Focusing on Polynesian seafood specialties in generous servings, travelers love the quiet atmosphere and attention to detail given to every guest.

Travelers who feel that vacation should be spent exploring will get the most out of their vacation in Moorea.

Moorea: Historic Polynesian Culture

If Tahiti is the Queen of the Pacific, then Moorea is the crown princess of French Polynesia. Accessible by both air and sea, Moorea is well known for their dedication to preserving Polynesian culture and tradition.

Travelers are welcomed with open arms, and can partake in a number of attractions which capture their imagination. One of the most popular events is the Tiki Village Dance Show, where dancers show off their skill and prowess, including fire dancing!

But culture isn’t the only thing that draws travelers to Moorea every year. In fact, Moorea is known as one of the most active islands in French Polynesia.

Travelers who visit this island often get to partake in a number of activities they wouldn’t get to do at home:

  • swimming with dolphins
  • snorkeling in the crystal blue waters
  • jeep and ATV safaris
  • feeding stingrays
  • whale watching excursions
  • panoramic hiking tours

Travelers who feel that vacation should be spent exploring will get the most out of their vacation in Moorea.

Bora Bora: The American Cousin of Tahiti

During World War II, Bora Bora became the main operating base for American troops. Today, the island retains much of it’s American culture, offering travelers the comforts of home while surrounded by the pristine views only the South Pacific can offer.

Don’t try to get a taxi on this island retreat – in order to preserve the natural beauty of the island, cars are outlawed on the island. Instead, many attractions are either a short walk or bicycle ride away from the airport. Those who come to this famous resort island enjoy the life aquatic, as snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the most popular attractions.

And history aficionados can go back in time at the many historic World War II monuments that remain.

With a number of attractions, Tahiti and the surrounding islands offer something for everyone. Historians, marine enthusiasts, and even families will all feel right at home adventuring the many faces of the crown jewels of the South Pacific.

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