Four Great Reasons Your Next Vacation Should Be an Escorted Tour

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When you start thinking about a week long trip to a foreign country, what comes to mind?

Stress of planning multiple stops? Fear of finding yourself in the wrong place? Being unable to communicate needs with the locals? Missing out on hidden treasures and gems not in a guide book?

What if there were an easier way to manage your entire trip, with someone to guide you at every step of the way? There is – book an escorted tour, and you’ll find that travel can be easy.

Unsure of what to expect with an escorted tour? Here are four reasons Travel Leaders consultants say it’s one of the best ways to experience a new destination.

Discover a Destination with Local Insight

Travel experts on television and in magazines often talk about the virtues of living like a local, and how it is truly the only way to appreciate a destination for everything it has to offer. What they don’t tell you is those experts also have a staff of producers and researchers who make it their job to research local life at a destination. Who has hours to dedicate to their vacation? Isn’t it supposed to be a getaway, instead of more work?

When you book an escorted tour, you never have to worry about finding all the right places to experience life like a local. Instead, travelers can rely on the expertise of a local guide that will help them gain complete immersion in a target destination. With this aid, you can truly live like a local, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers with Ease

One of the most meaningful parts of international travel is really getting to know the customs and cultures of another country.  Even the simplest of interactions can be made more rewarding with an explanation of how the cultural norms work.  On an escorted tour, guides stand beside travelers every step of the way to help break down the walls between locals and tourists. The result is deep, meaningful interactions that can make a foreign country seem less foreign, and more welcoming.

Multiple Destinations Means Even More Adventure

Travelers who have tried to book a multi-city itinerary can attest to just how much planning may be involved.  Managing multiple bookings, and organizing city by city – Where are you going, when you are going…keeping all your plans straight can be a challenge.

When opting for an escorted tour, travelers can have the assurance that their itinerary is being taken care of with someone who is intimately connected to the area they are traveling in. The result is hassle-free travel, from the moment that travelers are being greeted at the airport, to the moment they hug their guide goodbye.

Full-Service Every Step Of The Way

Sometimes there are glitches along the way – perhaps you forgot your slippers in your last hotel, or there seems to be some trouble with a hotel’s bill. On an escorted tour, you never have to worry about who can help you dispute a bill or make sure you’re getting to the next spot. A professional guide will stand alongside your travels every step of the way, making sure your travels are as smooth as possible. On an escorted tour, you’ll never travel alone –literally!

If you’ve never taken an escorted tour, there’s no better time to start than today! By booking your tour, you’re one step closer to making memories that will last a lifetime, with the assistance of someone who can truly help you live in the moment of your next great vacation.

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