Fiji: Everyone’s Definition of Paradise

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No more than a few drops of land in the ocean of the Pacific, Fiji is an archipelago of islands a world away from everywhere else—making it a world unto itself. Here, along the picture-perfect shores, the possibilities for peak relaxation are only matched by the chances for pure adventure. Thanks to this spread, no single style of Fiji vacation can lay claim to the destination.

Fiji is as perfect for those that are just learning to walk and talk as it is for those several decades into holy matrimony. It’s the nuances of the isles that define the experience, shaping it to fit every unique definition of paradise. For a brief introduction on those nuances, read on to discover how Fiji has something to offer everyone who visits.

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While many resorts make it their mission to provide as family-friendly a place as possible for your Fiji vacation, occasionally venturing off the resort and into the offerings of the rest of the country make for moments that can captivate attention spans and ignite imaginations. Heading inland—depending on the island—allows for the chance to hold a Fijian iguana at the Kula Eco Park, get properly dirty in a Fiji mud bath at the Sabeto Hot Springs or witness traditional fire dancing at a lovo feast. Of course, should an adventure at an adjacent island sound more enticing, island-hopping is a breeze.

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Between the shores with barely another soul around, the beachside bars, the balmy climate and the sunsets that paint the sky tie-dyed shades of tranquil, having a honeymoon in Fiji feels like something out of a fairytale. Many resorts have tailored their grounds and offerings for the just-married, meaning minimal movement is needed for maximum romance. But, in the off chance that you do venture out of your resort, the islands do not disappoint for chances to bond. Trade in the calm waters of your beach for any of the enchanting lagoon pools at the bottom of waterfalls, or enjoy long walks on scenic paths through lush gardens like the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. If the ocean holds more allure than the island, sign up for scuba diving classes together to discover the underwater gardens of soft coral reefs and their many vibrant denizens. However you choose to spend your moments together, the magic in the air is undeniable.

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Vow Renewals

Have kids, but wish you could be on your honeymoon again? Promised the grandparents a chance to spoil their grandkids, but you want to spoil yourself on a tropical paradise? There’s no time like the present to rededicate your holy matrimony—especially if it allows all of the above to happen simultaneously.

While vow renewals are a beautiful thing, they’re immensely more beautiful in Fiji. Consider it the best of both worlds from the paragraphs prior: the chance to fall in love all over again, the chance to experience paradise with all of your loved ones and the chance to expose your child to instances of culture and magic a world away from what they know. Best of all, you can mix-and-match the day’s itineraries to divide-and-conquer the unmissable experiences. Maybe one day the whole family heads to the Kula Eco Park, and then the next day the grandparents take the kids to the mud baths while you and your loved one sail off to a quiet picnic on an empty beach. Maybe you drop the kids off at your resort’s kids club for their own little Fiji vacation while the adults head to the bar floating in the middle of the Pacific for mixed drinks with a spotless view of the horizon. When it comes to priceless moments in paradise, the possibilities are endless.

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Picking the Home Base Best for You

Whatever the motivation may be for venturing to the Fijian archipelago, the one characteristic that weighs the heaviest on the nuances of your trip is your abode. Just as you wouldn’t take your toddler to an adults-only spa resort, you shouldn’t stay at a non-inclusive resort if it’s not what’s best for you—with the same being said for the all-inclusive equivalent. While the definitions are self-explanatory, the intricacies of what each means translate to very different trips. Are you spending the majority of your time on the resort? Are you field-tripping out and about during your days? Are you island-hopping resort to resort during your vacation?

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