Family Vacation or Romantic Getaway? Why Not Both?

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Ten.  That’s the number of vacation days that most people get each year. And if that’s the number of days that you earn annually, you probably have to make some tough vacation decisions.

For example, if you have a family, you probably want to use your paid time off to take your children on amazing adventures that will fuel fond memories for years. On the other hand, a romantic getaway could help you renew and re-energize your relationship with a significant other.

Almost every all-inclusive resort that welcomes families has designated areas and supervised activities

These are definitely two worthy vacations, which makes selecting one over the other a difficult choice. But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if there was a vacation unicorn out there that would give you plenty of bonding time with your kids but would also provide you with ample opportunities to steal away with your significant other.

A Two-for-One Vacation

Believe it or not, that vacation unicorn does exist — and it’s a cruise. But there is a caveat. You have to choose the right ship and itinerary. Not every cruise ship caters to families. So to ensure that you can enjoy both a family vacation and one where you can enjoy time in “adult” mode, it’s important checkout how a Disney cruise has it all to cater to families.

Kid’s Club

It may seem counter intuitive, but the key to enjoying great “date” time with your significant other is to find a ship that will appeal to your children.  And that is where kids and teen clubs come in. Several cruise lines offer exceptional programs where you can drop your children off and know they’ll be entertained for hours.

In fact, the programs provided by some cruise lines are so good that your children may even beg you to go to the clubs. In addition to kids and teen clubs, some cruise lines also offer in-cabin or group babysitting services. 

Spa Treatments

Your kids are having fun. And now it’s your turn to relax and indulge in a little pampering with that special loved one in your life. Today’s cruise ships offer a wide range of the same services that you’d find in an upscale spa. Think couples massages, body wraps and facials.

You’re sure to feel the stress that has built up in your body melt away as an expert masseuse works away those knots that have built up in your body.

Adults Only Pools

Every now and then, even the most devoted parent just wants a little time away from kid noises. Luckily, Disney Cruises now offer adults-only pools. That means you can swim in peace without having to worry about someone else’s children cannon balling on top of you or having to listen to a toddler’s meltdown while you’re trying to catch a few rays.

Beaching It without Little Ones

Imagine this. A palm-fringed beach surrounded by the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea. You and your significant other soaking in the rays. Peace. Quiet. No screaming children, nothing but the sound of the surf gently rolling across the sands. If this sounds like a scene from a fairy tale, think again. This can be your reality.

Some Disney Cruise itineraries that ply the Bahamian waters stop at a privately owned island called Disney Castaway Cay. While having a private island at your disposal is nothing to sneeze at, what really makes this island special is the fact that it also boasts an area called Serenity Bay that is set aside strictly for those 18 years and over.

Adults Only Dining

If you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed a quiet meal alone with your significant other, you’ll definitely appreciate being able to enjoy fine dining in an adults-only restaurant.

Disney Cruise Line, for example, offers an adults-only restaurant on several of its ships. This is definitely a meal to savor, because in “real” life, there will be very few times where you can enjoy a meal sans children. You could test out Palo, a Northern Italian cuisine, or delight in elegant French-inspired cuisine at Remy for dinner and brunch.

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