Embark on a Hawaiian Adventure to See the State’s Best Sites

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While any photo of Hawaii will capture the raw beauty these islands possess, a still image just doesn’t do justice to the wealth of activity available. Whether it’s swimming with schools of exotic fish with royal blue waves cresting overhead, or flying down a mountain above the tropical canopy, a Hawaiian adventure is one of the most exciting you’ll ever find, both above and below the ocean.

By Land

Most people heading off on a Hawaiian adventure may have their sights set on the pristine beaches and sparkling ocean, but they’re missing the forests amongst the sea. All of Hawaii’s islands offer some form of lush landscape worth exploring, and we’re not talking about a drive-by.

Depending on the island you land on, there are a variety of State and National Parks ready for exploring. You can either do the research ahead of time to decide if a certain hiking path seems right for you or opt for a tour group. While both will allow you to soak in the scenery, only one promises you’ll learn substantially in the process. Treading through places like Haleakalā National Park become a fair amount more exciting with the addition of a knowledgeable guide.

hawaiian adventure

Of course, there is another way to get down mountains, should hiking sound like a few steps too many; Hawaii has a variety of ziplining adventures for your consideration. While individual views will depend on which zipline course you decide, all will allow you to gaze out at the vibrant canopy and foliage as it sails by below you. While there will be points of rest transferring between ziplines, don’t expect to be snapping pictures all the way down; this is less a photo opportunity, and more a moment to live!

hawaiian adventure

By Sea

Surrounded by pristine blue ocean, it’s easy to understand why Hawaii is most commonly known for aquatic activities like surfing and sailing. But even then, you’re missing out on an entire world of possibility. By just diving below water, you’ll find a world of excitement waiting to be discovered. You can either choose to don a facemask just offshore from a sandy beach or find yourself a snorkeling tour to take you to some pristine (and remote) locations like Molokini Carter. Either way, you’re certain to witness sights of the marine world that’ll leave you awe-struck.

Of course, if just seeing all this marine life isn’t quite enough adventure, you can always literally dive right into it. Hawaii has plenty of scuba charters to pick from, and all will allow you to dive into the depths of ocean life and get up close and personal with its inhabitants. As exciting as swimming with dolphins or whales or manta rays is, nothing compares to immersing yourself in the bioluminescent life with blackwater diving off the coast of Kailua-Kona.

So, whether it be gazing out at the horizon atop one of Hawaii’s mountains, or witnessing a glowing jellyfish glide by while you float in pitch darkness, the state’s most incredible beauty comes accompanied by Hawaiian adventure that you’ll cherish far longer than a photograph.