Down Under and Off the Beaten Path

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Between the laidback beaches of the Gold Coast, Sydney’s shining harbor, Melbourne’s great coastal drives and Adelaide’s untouched coastline, it might dawn on you that the Australia you’ve heard of seems to be remarkably near the water. For a country that’s also its own continent, what’s within all that middle space? A lot!

As the oldest continent on the face of the Earth, more than 40% of Australia (roughly the same size as all of India) is utterly untouched by humans. The Great Outdoors are alive, well and thriving Down Under. Just because there’s an abundance of opportunities to experience nature doesn’t mean you should start out lost: let the examples below guide your imagination on how best to explore off the beaten path Australia.

off the beaten path Australia

Cutting through the Outback Onboard the Ghan

Don’t miss your chance to experience the stunning stretches of orange desert enveloping the ever-expanding horizon. One of the best ways to enjoy an expedition through the legendary Outback is The Ghan. Named after the pioneering cameleers who once carved a trail through the heart of the continent, the 1851-mile railway today takes travelers between the southern city of Adelaide to the northernmost town of Darwin in 54 hours. In that time, you’ll traverse the Outback onboard a luxury train car, all the while enjoying stops in Katherine and Alice Springs and the endless sights as they whiz by.

Cruising in the Kimberley

In the northwestern corner of off the beaten path Australia lies one of the world’s last true wilderness areas. A primal expanse three times the size of England, the Kimberley is filled with epic Outback landscapes, Aussie wildlife, and galleries of indigenous rock art. Every discovery of the land proves to be a revelation for the soul. The beehive-shaped, zebra-striped sandstone domes of the Bungle Bungles, the boab trees reaching for the heavens like giant tendril-ous hands, the many waterfalls and watering-holes dotting the landscape, all set the scene for a trip to spiritual euphoria. One of the best ways to see these stunning coasts and Outback interiors is onboard an expedition cruise. The myriad of crisp rivers that thread the land in addition to the magnificent coast lining it make for an awe-inspiring—and enchantingly relaxing—adventure.

off the beaten path Australia

Hop Over to Kangaroo Island

Less isolated than other sections of Australia’s wilderness, but equally mesmerizing, is Kangaroo Island. Just south of Adelaide via plane or ferry, there’s far more to the island than the name implies: over one-third of the island is protected conservation areas and national parks, making for an Australian sanctuary teeming with native wildlife. Australian sea lions lounge along the white sands of the south coast, koalas hang from the trees of Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary en masse, and of course, the namesake kangaroos frolic through the plains and bush in abundance. Throw in the Remarkable Rocks of Flinders Chase National Park, the many rare birds exclusive to the island’s ecosystem and the luxury lodging amongst the island’s four laidback towns, and Kangaroo Island is a can’t-miss discovery of Australian wonder.

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