Danube River Cruise: The Vacation Offering You Luxury, Value and Adventure

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Those seeking luxury, value and adventure for their next vacation will experience that and more during their Crystal River Cruise, westbound along the Danube. Crystal introduces travelers to the Crystal Experience®, an unparalleled standard of services and amenities, including airport transfers, Michelin-inspired cuisine, 24-hour in-suite dining, free gratuities, open bars and lounges, signature events, select complimentary shore excursions, enrichment programs, entertainment and unlimited Wi-Fi.

These perks are combined with the grandest luxury suites of any European river ship and shore excursions that spark curiosity and passion within travelers. With features like these, you’ll enjoy one of the most exceptional river cruises in the travel industry.

Danube River Cruise

Choose Your Own Adventure on the Danube

The Danube River is the cultural and historic pulse of Europe. On a river cruise that traverses Hungary, Austria and Germany, having choices during those shore excursions is more engaging than a constricted itinerary. Crystal Destination DiscoveriesTM provides those inclusive options without hesitation. Do you want an active day, or a relaxing one? Did you wake for a day of adventure or a day of enrichment? Destination Discoveries can craft shoreside experiences to meet your expectations. In addition, Crystal is the only river cruise that allows you to select your shore excursion, before you arrive on the ship. With these freedoms, you’ll enjoy the Danube on your terms and timeline.

Danube River Cruise

Westbound Voyages

Budapest, Hungary (Day 1) — For your first day, you can explore Budapest to shop, dine at that special restaurant recommended to you or sightsee. Crystal River Cruises can arrange for a private vehicle and English-speaking guide to help your exploration, not only for this first day, but also for subsequent excursions during your vacation. Please arrange before your arrival.

Budapest, Hungary (Day 2) — For a few hours, you can reflect on the history of the Jewish people in Budapest with a visit to the Dohány Street Synagogue, the largest synagogue in Europe still in use. Also take part in a guided walking tour through the old Jewish District.

Another option to consider is a visit to the Hungarian Parliament Building, an amazing feat of architectural design; or you could explore the Great Market Hall, Budapest’s largest and oldest indoor market.

Vienna, Austria (Day 3) — Upon your arrival in Vienna, behold the Belvedere Palace, built by Johan Lucas von Hildebrandt, from 1714 to 1716, as a summer palace for Prince Eugene of Savoy. This UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site is a stunning example of the Baroque style: majestic, opulent and awe-inspiring.

For your alternate complementary excursion, explore the city of Vienna. Learn about its monuments, architecture and daily culture by motorcoach and on foot. Visit the Vienna State Opera, the Natural History Museum or some of the city’s coziest neighborhoods.

Vienna, Austria (Day 4) — Finish your time in Vienna with complementary tours of the Schönbrunn Palace, another UNESCO-recognized Baroque treasure, with vast gardens to delight your senses. For a structure of divine and artistic inspiration, walk along the halls of the Klosterneuburg Monastery, a 12th-century Augustinian monastery of the Roman Catholic Church.

Dürnstein, Austria (Day 5) — During your visit to this enchanting town, be sure to stop by the stately landmark of Dürnstein Abbey. See the abbey’s church, with gorgeous white- and gold-trimmed walls, arches and pillars. And did someone ask about castles? Get ready for a historic trek toward the ruins of Dürnstein Castle; with a view of the surrounding Wachau Valley, you’ll feel as if you’re in a scene from Lord of the Rings!

Melk, Austria (Day 5) — Another fortification to explore would be Artstetten Castle; this structure commemorates Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg. While there, take the opportunity to meet a member of the Hohenberg family to gain perspective on how this couple affected the history of the 20th century.

Another complementary excursion through town is the Melk Abbey, a Benedictine cloister with an amazing view of the Danube. With this additional example of European Baroque architecture, you’ll definitely be an expert on identifying the design style in the future.

Passau, Germany (Day 6) — A nature expert will guide you along the Ilz River, introducing you to the flora and fauna of this nature reserve. After enjoying the great outdoors, take a tour of Passau and enjoy a beer tasting. The “City of Three Rivers” offers fantastic views of interesting sites, as well as its unique culinary and beer heritage to explore. Get your taste buds ready!

Regensburg, Germany (Day 7) — Complete your cruise with a city walking tour and tasting in Regensburg. Learn about 2,000 years of history, architecture and food during this engaging tour of UNESCO-listed landmarks. Also be sure to explore a palace that once housed the Bavarian saints and aristocracy across the centuries, the Palais of Thurn & Taxis.

Danube River Cruise

Onboard Cruise Amenities

When you’re not on an excursion, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy Crystal River Cruise’s high staff-to-guest ratio, Michelin-inspired farm-to-table meals paired with the finest of wines, butler service in every suite, fitness centers and spas. With the Palm Court, Vista Bar and Vista Deck, you’ll have the opportunity to make friends during your cruise or just enjoy a cocktail with your special someone. As for the suites, take relaxation to another level with Crystal’s king-size beds facing panoramic balcony-windows, wonderful bathrooms and high-tech amenities.

Are you fascinated by the histories, cultures and art of the Danube? Give one of our travel agents a call. Their years of experience with industry-leading cruise lines, such as Crystal, provide you with exclusive perks and amenities for your vacation sailing this astonishing river.