Conservation in Limón, Costa Rica

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It’s always the perfect time to care for animals and the environment. Now, with the help of Princess Cruises, you can embark on scheduled excursions to learn all about conservation in Limón, Costa Rica. Take a look at these fascinating opportunities for your next voyage.

Animal Planet Exclusive — “Meet the Sloths”

Indigenous to Central and South America, the three-toed sloth is one of the world’s slowest (and cutest) mammals. This excursion will take you to the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, where you can learn all about their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and release the animals. Guests will also discover more about the threats to the rainforest, where the sloths typically reside, as well as the efforts made to protect the futures of the sloths and their habitat. The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica began in 1997 after the founders were “gifted” a sloth — Buttercup — and realized the calling to protect these gentle creatures.

Banana Plantation Drive & Wildlife Sighting

Bananas are Costa Rica’s largest produce export and are grown on beautiful plantations near Limón. This excursion in Limón takes you on an air-conditioned drive through the town and farms. Pass through the historic district, where workers from Jamaica resided in stilted houses along the coast. Enjoy views of the rainforest as you travel between plantations. During your travels, make sure to watch for beautiful native wildlife, including sleek, white egrets and the orange-and-blue-plumaged kingfishers. Stop at a banana plantation to learn more about this valuable crop. At the end of your scenic drive, you have the chance to shop for souvenirs to remember your time in Limón.

Zip-line Over the Rainforest

Experience the astounding tropical rainforest as you sail over the canopy on an exhilarating zip-line ride. This excursion takes place in the Veragua Rainforest Reserve, a 3,400-acre preserve stretching across mountains, waterfalls and more ecological wonders. You’ll be equipped with a harness and safety gear as an instructor briefs you how to safely enjoy your ride. Then, soar with delight as high as 150 feet above the ground as you coast over the forest on ten separate zip-line tracks. See the flourishing rainforest beneath you, a true testament to the conservation efforts in the region.

Conservation in Limón, Costa Rica

Hands-on Conservation & Cultural Exchange

This excursion offers the chance to experience the driving efforts for conservation in Limón, Costa Rica, like a local. Travel to a nearby organic orchard and learn about traditional growing methods. You can pick produce and prepare a snack with villagers before continuing to a dairy farm. There, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the importance of milk production in the community, and even milk a cow if you’d like! Next is a visit to a tree nursery and forest recovery site. This invaluable work is performed to protect and recover the rainforest and, by extension, the biosphere. Enjoy planting your own seedlings to play your part in the conservation movement as you take in the sights of the verdant rainforest. To wrap up your excursion, stop at the community center to discover the rich Cabécar culture, where you can chat with artisans. Discover their traditions and handcrafted work by viewing and purchasing their products — a great way to remember your trip.