Cashing in On Onboard Credit

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Value, in this current day and age, is exponentially fungible. Think of your cash back, your frequent flier miles, your punch card at your favorite ice cream shop. Your purchases nearly always ensure more than just the single product you’ve bought—there’s a cherry on top bundled into the initial cost. Not savoring the proverbial bonus is akin to walking away with money on the table.

Now, think of your vacations as a worthwhile investment to achieve full capitalization.

There’s a variety of bonus value present in nearly all forms of travel, but none as rich as onboard credit for a cruise line. Cashing in on the possibilities means treating yourself to lavish experiences and delectable treats typically reserved for those living a life of royalty. For a helpful idea of how to make the most of it, we’ve spelled out the two best avenues for your return-on-initial-investment.

onboard credit

Onboard Experiences

When most people hear onboard credit, they immediately start mentally mapping the onboard shopping options, carefully considering what souvenir they plan to take home. As feasible as this is, keep it as your backup plan—the onboard experiences are too rich not to sample. Sumptuous spas are present onboard modern cruise ships, meaning every sailing is certain to provide the facilities needed to melt all stress away. If you consider yourself something of a “foodie,” splurging on a world-class dining experience has never been easier: Princess Cruise’s partnerships with award-winning chefs translate to plates full on flavor, in venues tastefully designed for maximum ambiance. Paired together, and some of the best meals of your trip are bound to be onboard.

onboard credit

Shore Excursions

As special as all of the above found on a cruise ship may be, the purpose of a vacation is a journey delivering experiences and memories you’ll treasure for years to come—a commodity worth more than gold. Fortunately enough, the conversion rate for onboard credit is highly favorable to you, thanks to the benefit of shore excursions. No matter what foreign shores you head to—the forested tundra of Alaska, the cobblestone streets of Santorini or the cityscape sprawled out around the iconic onion domes of St. Petersburg—a plethora of possibilities awaits. These bonus adventures make for the quintessential deep-dives into already exhilarating port towns, the proverbial cherry on top to your adventures overseas.

All set to set sail to a vacation filled with bonus possibilities? Give one of our travel agents a call. Not only can they guarantee handling the intricacies of planning and booking travel, but also they can secure you deals with all the major cruise lines—such as Princess Cruises—providing exclusive perks, amenities and of course, onboard credit.