Cabo’s Many Sources of Serenity

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Ask anyone, stressed or not, what the cure to stress is and oftentimes you’ll hear the same answer: a spa vacation. After all, when it comes to rejuvenating yourself, it’s hard to argue with a destination dedicated solely to rejuvenating mind and body.

But, not all spa vacation destinations are the same, or equal. As with life, variety is a spice well worth considering. One such locale rich in spice? Cabo San Lucas hosts a healthy variety of R & R pastimes certain to provide every day of your getaway with a fresh breath of air. For a head start on brainstorming how to relax, read on.

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Enjoy a Traditional Luxe Spa Day 

At the top of any to-do-nothing list is your quintessential spa day. Cabo comes well stocked: this resort town is dotted with them, like seashells amongst the golden-hued sandy shores. But, the largest spa of the bunch is Blanc Spa—hosted by the aptly named La Blanc Spa Resort. Offerings in this modern palace of tranquility are abundant: massages, spa treatments, hydrotherapy areas and salon services are just a smattering of the tranquil experiences certain to melt worries away.

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Seek Out Breathtaking Views

While not traditionally considered a part of spa vacations, venturing out from your resort to witness sights that steal your breath and dowse you in goosebumps is therapeutic on an entirely new level. Luckily enough, Cabo is awash in magnificent sights of the breathtaking sort. Heading inland you might see surreal desert scape backed by dramatic mountain ranges, but the real views are out at sea. Beyond El Arco, the cerulean waters are home to whale populations for much of the year. If you’ve never been whale watching before, take our word for it: witnessing these majestic creatures on the surface is akin to a spa treatment for the soul.

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Hit the Links

Perhaps the only thing that could rival the abundance of breezy beaches and luxury spas in Cabo would be the golf courses. Well renowned fairways and greens abound here, thanks in part to world-class talent (think: Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods) opting to design their signature courses in this cluster of paradise. Of course, the fact that the golf courses almost always wind along surreal beachfront and panoramic seaside cliffs certainly helps. Stated succinctly, you don’t have to be a regular golfer to find a game of golf here nourishing for your spirit.

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Feed Your Body and Soul

Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or someone who just appreciates a tasty dessert, the culinary scene of Cabo matches the rest of the resort-town standards for sumptuous living. Thanks to basically being on the doorstep of the Pacific Ocean, seafood is often off-the-boat fresh—venues like Lorenzillo’s Live Lobster House and El Farrallón set the gold standard for saltwater savory. But, if there’s one can’t-miss establishment for an evening nourishing your spirit, it would be Manta. Helmed by world-acclaimed chef Enrique Overa–the one and the same with multiple venues on the World’s Top 100 Restaurants list—Manta’s rotating menu elevates Pacific Rim cuisine to the apex of luxury. Paired with the generous wine list sourced from Baja’s wine country and the dreamy ambiance provided by the cliffside views of the Land’s End granite rock formations, and it’s safe to say dinner here will be the pièce de résistance on top of a serene getaway.

Does one of these sound like your dream definition of a spa vacation? Or, eager to try them all? Give one of our travel agents a call. Their firsthand knowledge of destinations translates into priceless insights. Not only that, but also their working relationships with the leading names in travel—such as Le Blanc Spa Resort—pays off handsomely with exclusive perks and amenities. Think of it as the mani/pedi after a full-body massage: the latter is nice as is, but the combination makes for a near heaven-on-Earth experience.