Brainstorming Your Next Family Beach Vacation

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With the final dregs of winter starting to recede and the first rays of spring quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning how to celebrate. For most families, the answer is obvious: fun in the sun with a family beach vacation. But, even with the type of vacation decided, narrowing down to one paradise can seem like a herculean task. Fear not, choosing just got easier: check out a few seaside locations below that provide fun for the whole family.

Costa Rica

With most of Central America to the north and all of South America below, it could be forgiven if you forgot Costa Rica is primely positioned in the absolute middle of the tropical countries and two oceans. A rainforest blanketed onto a handful of mountains and sandwiched between two immense stretches of coastline, there is no shortage of island vibes.

In the off chance that your family is looking for a break from sandcastles and splashing in the surf, then there’s plenty of fun to be had inland. You can play “I Spy” with wildlife while strolling the 11 different ecosystems of Tortuguero National Park. You could take a family spa-day at any of the many hot springs around Arenal Volcano. Or, you could hike Territorio de Zaguates, or “Land of Strays,” and frolic with the throngs of playful pups and rescue dogs on the mountainside.

Los Cabos

Across the country from the iconic shores of Cancun sprawls the equally-majestic shores of Los Cabos. Balanced on the tip of the Baja California peninsula, this seaside escape boasts a distinctive flavor of Mexico unmatched elsewhere in the country. The laid-back pace of living, the temperate climate and golden-grained sands make for paradise year-round.

Beyond the beaches and beyond the resorts, there are plenty of other chances for a family to make memories. Chartering a boat to the iconic El Arco offers the opportunity to spot sea lions sunbathing, as well as the potential for a whale breach. Back on shore, you can sign up for surfing lessons, or head over to The Glass Factory to watch artisans blow glass (and pick up an incredibly unique souvenir).

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Montego Bay

Directly diagonal to Kingston, Montego Bay is Jamaica’s premier metropolis of the north. But before you go imagining skyscrapers, take a deep breath: this port city is pivotal to Jamaica’s tourism, and as such, proves to be the shining example of Jamaican paradise. The Ministry of Tourism has gone so far as to actively work to bolster the city’s entertainment and gastronomy scenes—but it’s hard to compete with the abundance of sugar-white sand beaches on a family beach vacation.

If your little ones are eager for sights beyond the pristine blue ocean waters, the island hosts a plethora of options. A tour through Green Grotto Caves is likely to captivate imaginations, while a trip to Glistening Waters in the evening will delight—the lagoon lights up ethereally thanks to the work of luminous microscopic organisms. Or, a trip to James Bond Beach followed by a secret-agent movie-night in the hotel is something they’ll treasure for years to come.

Your Home Base in Paradise

No matter which paradise you land on, a family beach vacation is only as good as the resort is carefree—and any parent can attest that is no easy task when traveling with children. Not all resorts are equal: you’d be wise to seek out a resort that can offer spacious suites, kids clubs, vast swimming pools, endless gourmet dining options and entertainment perfect for all ages while still being located along stunning beaches.

With the help of our specialized travel experts, finding a resort that can offer all of the above is easy. Not only can they help you plan your trip, but also they can offer exclusive deals with world-leading resorts: Dreams, Now, Reflect, and Sunscape Resorts & Spas are all ready to host your next favorite family vacation.