Alluring Highlights of Southern England

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When you first hear of a trip to England, your mind might instinctively shoot to the staples: Big Ben, The Queen and double-decker buses. Basically, just London. But, when it comes time for Londoners to take a trip somewhere soothing, they head out to the Southern England hillsides.

Just what makes Southern England the perfect trip for both locals and you? Discover some of the soothing sights and highlights of Southern England the countryside has to offer.

Stratford-Upon-Avon: Stratford Butterfly Farm

After you visit famous sites like Shakespeare’s birthplace and Anne Hathaway’s cottage, visit the vibrant Stratford Butterfly Farm, a can’t-miss site of the city. Stroll through numerous large tropical greenhouses to witness swarms of free-flying butterflies all around you. Keep an eye out in your travels for the two Iguanas in residence, as well as several species of (non-insectivorous) birds. And, should you wish to learn the science behind all of this natural beauty, the Discovery Zone houses just as many answers as specimens.

highlights of southern england

Bath: Thermae Bath Spa

While the town of Bath might be most commonly known for housing the Ancient Roman Baths, there’s a different spa that should be at the top of your to-do list. Thermae Bath Spa is in the heart of the city and is fully equipped with all of today’s modern amenities. Whether you’re soaking in the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters of the Minerva Bath; enjoying Hot-Stone therapy; or having a swim with a view thanks to the open-air rooftop pool; you’ll find relaxation fit for a Roman Emperor here.

Isle of Wight: Shanklin Beach

With an assortment of amusement sitting just behind the sweeping sprawl of amber sand, it’s easy to see why Shanklin Beach is one of the most popular highlights of Southern England. A day at this beach offers plenty of choice in how to enjoy your time: dip your toes in the crisp ocean water and sprawl out on the warm shore for a day of leisure. Or, explore the adjacent esplanade for games of mini-golf, bowling and go-carting. Top all of this off with shopping in the local beachside shops and a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants and pubs, and you have oceanside relaxation tailored to you.

Southampton: Southampton City Centre Market

Depending on what day you plan to visit Southampton, it’s worth your while to take a stroll through the Southampton City Centre Market. Open every Friday and Saturday, wander amongst the tents and stalls offering interesting wares and delectable treats. Sip bubble tea, chow down on a pastry and pick up your new favorite souvenir all while feeling like a local.


Gaze onto history itself at the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge. With meticulous study of the weathered monoliths, let your curiosity travel back to this same spot, over 5,000 years ago, to wonder what mysteries and secrets lie within this prehistoric site. Luckily, the nearby Visitor’s Center of the English Heritage Organization offers a substantial amount of answers and information. Between the sights and the newfound knowledge, Stonehenge is certain to stand tall in your highlights of Southern England memories!

These places are just a sampling of what makes Southern England so special and why it attracts Londoners looking for a getaway. Thankfully, now you know as well and can start planning your relaxing vacation through the English countryside.

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