Adult-Exclusive Getaways for Your Inner Child

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Something about travel just brings out the kid in all of us: wide-eyed wonder, heart aflutter with giddiness, day-to-day responsibilities and worries of the real world conveniently left at home. But, just because travel can make a kid out of all of us, does not mean traveling with kids is everyone’s idea of a vacation. And so, adult-exclusive travel is a (well-warranted) version of vacationing. The question is: where to?

Whether you’re looking to treat your inner child with a healthy dose of wanderlust, or just eager for a change of scenery and a break from the kids, the following locales make for sublime destinations for adults-only vacations.

adults only vacation


From the bamboo forest of Kyoto to the neon-concrete jungle of Tokyo, discovering Japan’s soul through the diverse offerings of its culture makes for a soul-stirring journey.  Otowa-san Kiyomizu-dera(Pure Water Temple) has been blessing visitors since 780, while a walk down the Torii Trail awards divine views as you pass through the 10,000 orange Torii gates. Savor a traditional Bento box, reflect at the Hiroshima Peace Park, and window-shop the bustling Asakusa Underground Street—each day in Japan brings with it an opportunity to awaken your spirit in a brand-new way.

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Visiting the cradle of western civilization, you’d be forgiven for overlooking the rich history scattered amongst the thousands of islands of Greece—those very same islands happen to be the picture-perfect example of a dreamy Mediterranean paradise. The Acropolis in Athens—with its sun-bleached pillars rising over the city—is just as enchanting as the mineral springs of Santorini or sipping rakion the shores of Crete. Like the deep blue Aegean Sea and the sky above, site-seeing and unwinding tend to just blur together here.

adults only vacations


Having your head in the clouds is easy with a trip to Peru—much of the can’t-miss sites and experiences occur within its mountains. Machu Picchu may be at the top of the list (and for good reason), but don’t overlook some of the other possible treasures you could experience along the way: The culture is lively, the food decadent, the thrills plentiful. Savoring Pachamanca—a traditional Andean feast—proves just as fulfilling for the inner child as a raft trip down Urubamba River or meeting Cusco’s llamas and alpacas. Who knows: by the end of your trip, it may be difficult to say Incan ruins were the highlight.

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